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Can you really earn real money on Second Life?

Asked by ESV (468points) June 13th, 2009 from iPhone

Is it hard to learn to make all these items in those VR worlds and then sell for profit?

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I tried it a few years back. It was neat to chack out the technology and graphics and all. But I just couldn’t get into it, and so I decided to focus on my First life.

I recently found out about, where you eneter your interests and find groups of people in your area that share those interests and you get together for activities and events.

In the past three months I’ve met many people, made new friends, and tried things like Paintball and kayaking and ziplining, that I always wanted to do! I even had a date the other day with someone I met at an event.

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Nope…and N/A to everything else. I saw a friend play it and it just looked dull to me.

I have enough to do in my “first” life I couldn’t possibly take on a second!

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I have not tried Second Life – nor do I have an interest.

But, I knew a guy who got so into it and met so many people, that he did really well selling his artwork via Second Life. So well, in fact, he quit his “first life” job and concentrated on that full-time.

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I always thought this was the name of a Christian group, oops.

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Some do, others don’t. For the most part that “Gold rush” ended a few years ago.

It was asked before on here.The question was, What is “Second Life”?
Look it up on Fluther. It will explain all.

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You can, but not much unless you get into the property game.. and there are already people banking on that. Mostly you can make things and sell them in SL to generate enough money in world to do whatever you want (own land, buy clothes etc.) Some people however, have spread out so many things throughout SL that they do earn their primary income from it. But, this takes hours and hours and hours of SL (basically becoming your first life). As far as money exchange goes though, yes it is possible. You can earn something in SL Lindens and convert it to USD.

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