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Looking for a shag area rug online that's reasonably priced and attractive; need your help?

Asked by Jude (32190points) June 13th, 2009

Neutral colours.

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How big? What do you consider reasonable?

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6’ x 9’ less & than $500

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Penny’s is also worth a look, as is IKEA, if there’s one near you. You can also get carpet at a carpet store cut to size and bound.

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I’ve bought several rugs through JC Penney, and – believe it or not – Pottery Barn. When rugs go on clearance at PB, they are very reasonable and good quality, too.

The other places I’d look are Target and Home Depot.

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We just got a good one, 10’x 8’ for just under $200 at Lowe’s. Home Depot should have similar prices.

other places mentioned on here are good, too!

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My pad is neutral thus far. Dark brown leather sofa/chair, greyish/beige carpet, black and white pictures (with black frames) on the wall, a huge Acro lamp (retro), and my coffee table and soon to be end table has an espresso finish. I haven’t yet accessorized with pillows and chotchkies. I’m stuck on if whether I should go for a neutral shag rug or something with color. What do y’all think? If color, what could would you suggest?

Thus far

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@jmah What is your favorite color? One that makes you happy when you see it?

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@jmah – I would probably go with a different color, but nothing too terribly loud. What do you want to be the focal point of the room? The rug or something else? If you go with a louder color, it will become the focal point (say a tomato bisque color rug); however, if you went with something with maybe a sage green (even a mix with taupe strands mixed in) it will offset the furniture and pull the look together.

I love the Fin print! :)

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@augustlan & @cak, a sage shag sounds nice. You’re right, cak, about not getting something that would overpower everything else. I think that sage and the chocolate would go nicely together.

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@jmah – or the blue range. I love the deep chocolate color, it goes really well with so many different things. Pulling a small amount of color in, here and there, will really make that color (the chocolate color) pop. My daughter now wants that room!


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I think a while back you posted this picture when you were looking for a side table, and I recommended a shag rug. Yay!

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