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Would anyone here date a stripper?

Asked by davoice (53points) December 29th, 2007
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I did and at first it was fun. So i thought i could handle it. The more I got into her the more it bothered me.

It got to the point were she had to make a decision…me or stripping.

Its a slippery slope my friend

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Same as vanguardian for me….years ago

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I couldn’t do it.

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I dated a stripper once, but it was her part-time job salvaging trim and millwork from buildings about to be torn down. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count for the purposes of this thread.

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I’ve had several “stripper”/“dancer’ girlfriends. Anyone who says they became a stripper and have no mental disease or messed up childhood issues id lying. Yeah, it’s exciting. the sex isn’t much better though. You would think it would be. but, in most cases, these women have serious issues concerning their sexuality. ALL of the girls/women I dated that were in this profession had been molested by a family member. So, there are messy complications, from sexual dysfunction to addictions that make it very unpleasant to even be around these people.

I would say, and this is from experience, you’re better off NOT dating a stripper.

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@damianmann if dating them is so horrible why on earth did you date “several”?

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I had a friend / roommate a lot like the ones damianmann experienced, she wasn’t a stripper then, well not for income, but later she took it up for awhile. I wouldn’t date her but we were good friends.

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I dated a stipper once. She was a very nice girl and took great care of her child. She did it part time for the extra bucks.

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