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Does anyone have any tips for taking the NCLEX?

Asked by lindseybree (60points) June 13th, 2009

I am scheduled to take my NCLEX in early July and am so nervous! I just completed my Kaplan course. So I am just reading and doing practice questions until then.

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I would just continue taking all the practice exams you can take, until you get the best score.
I have to take the NET within the month, and I’m kind of nervous about that!

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@casheroo I’ve been taking my Kaplan practice tests. Getting better. So that’s a good sign. Good luck!

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First off…relax. When answering the questions, remember the ABC’s, and the nursing process. Seems most of my questions revolved around the ABC’s. Just relax and think through the questions. Sometimes they give you alot of information that you don’t need for the answer. Weed through it and focus on what is important.

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@ptarnbsn Thanks :) I have noticed that I’m getting better at weeding out the unimportant info in the questions and narrowing down possible answers. I’m using the Kaplan Qbank and I have a Mosby NCLEX book with questions as well.

Meds are my greatest concern. I’m afraid of being bombarded with a bunch of meds and having no clue what they are or what the s/e are. I know the important ones to focus on. I’m just nervous of seeing something I’ve never heard of. Any recommendations for studying meds?

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As of July 9th I am a licensed RN!!! :D

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