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Can someone make the zombie that they will become when they die the beneficiary of their life insurance polacy?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2992points) June 13th, 2009
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I don’t think you can leave anything for the “undead”, but then again, I don’t think there’s a clause for that….

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lol, what a great question!
and yes you can (good luck collecting it)

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I think you can name any beneficiary you want. It is then up to the paying institution or executor or somebody to find the beneficiary and pay off. (When you name your beneficiary, nobody asks you to prove they’re alive.)

But if you become a zombie, you aren’t dead. You’re undead. Without a certificate of death, nobody is going to pay benefits. So too bad, you’re out of luck. Zombie-you is going to have to go on welfare, unless you can get a job in the movies.

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babby? frizzer?

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@Jeruba I think that if you hurried to get a death certificate in the four hours between death and reanimation the insurance agency would have to acknowledge your death and honor your claim.

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@benjaminlevi I can’t remember the exact name of the movie, but you only have a few moments before you actually reanimate.
The movie was the one where they were stuck in the mall with zombies on the outside. It was like Dawn of the Dead or something like that….

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I mean, in many, many zombie movies, it’s more like an infection than anything. So you don’t really die between “alive and healthy” and “undead”. Like, there’s no time for the official declaration. And even if there WAS time for it, if you plan on being a zombie good luck finding a doctor willing to go near your dead butt! I’d stay far away lest you infect me when you woke up.

Better luck, I think, leaving it to yourself as a vampire (usually takes longer to wake up for that) or leaving it to yourself as a reanimated corpse. You can leave your body to someone specifically for the mad science it will take to reanimate it.

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@benjaminlevi, that may be so, but are you going to be in any condition to hurry somewhere during that interval? In most counties people are discouraged from applying for their own death certificates.

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