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When you are trying to give up something and you end up being surrounded by it, how do you deal w/it?

Asked by prude (1065points) June 13th, 2009

I am trying to quit taking pills, but I recently hurt myself and the doc threw more at me…..I don’t know what to do…...

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As soon as you are at the point of not needing the pills, dump the balance. Keeping them around will just feed temptation.

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@whatthefluther thank you for your response, but when I have them, I finish them, something in my mind tells me that because they are prescribed to me, that it is ok to keep taking them. I find this as a major set back, I was doing so well.

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No, it’s only OK to take them AS NEEDED unless prescribed otherwise (ie, antibiotics).

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@whatthefluther I understand that, but my mind tells me that I need them, after all, they were prescribed to me. well, that is what my mind does, the whole rationalization, justification thing. and it is sooo hard to go against that.

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Unless for imflamation or infection, refuse to fill the precriptions. If your doctors don’t know you have a problem abusing your medications then tell them so they can refer to some alternate methods.

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@hungryhungryhortence yes, my regular doc knew, he is on vacation, the temp doc didn’t even really talk to me, just looked at my triage sheet and asked about where it hurt and how bad then gave me a scrip and sent me on my way.
gotta love the med system, don’t ya?

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@prude: if you want off then you find ways to get off.

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@prude – Do you have someone who lives with you who can work with you to take them away from you when the pain subsides?

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@hug_of_war I do, but he won’t. He knows I like them, always says he wants me to b e happy….

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@prude The person who ‘wants you to be happy’ is co-dependent. Both of you need some help with this situation.

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Buddy system—not someone to nag you but someone you can talk to about this and someone who won’t judge you the topic comes up

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