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U2 zootv heavily post produced tour?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) June 13th, 2009

I recorded years ago a u2 video from cable, it wasnt the “zootv tour from sidney” which is a live performace, and not the “achtung baby the videos cameos and a lot of interference from zootv” which contains the videoclips and short interviews, no: this one has a reporter, a very postproduced tour, interviews, video segments, fake commercials, etc,... the problem is, i dont know the name of it, i want to get it in dvd! i recorded it in vhs, and in the beginning it features a tv color adjustment chart… thing, with the titles, but the letters are all blurry and distorted…

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Is it Slane Castle or Red Rocks? Do you know if it’s older U2 or newer U2?

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@dverhey, no, its from the zoo tv, the tour from the achtung baby album; @Bri_L maybe, could that be? i’ll look for it, thanks

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@manuel_alarcon – Hey, I was looking for some lyrics to paste in and found this site. Maybe it will help you. I know that was the name of the character he created around that time.

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@Bri_L i checked the site, but McPhisto was created after this special… he appears, i think, in the sydney dvd, where bono is behind stage putting make up and then he goes out, but the camera is always with him.
No, this special is way before that; at the end, the band performs “Desire” and bono wears a silver suit, with a silver cowboy hat and a mirror, and in the end a reporter appears (and during the whole special he is running around) and ask him something… holy **** i want to know how the heck is this special called!!!

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Well it would be during the filming or after the release of Rattle and Hum.

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