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How important is physical attraction to you (when it comes to a potential partner)?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 13th, 2009


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it plays a part, obviously. however, if i can stand the person’s personality, then it doesn’t matter how attractive they may or may not be.

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Im not going to date an Ughoo

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Very important. That doesn’t mean he has to be the hottest guy in the world or even the room, but there has to be something physical about him that makes me wanna have skin-to-skin contact.

An awesome guy who doesn’t make you wanna take your clothes off just a little is a friend, not a potential partner.

A guy who is just physically attractive but doesn’t have the brains and personality to back it up doesn’t do a whole lot for me either,

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I have to be attracted to him, but that is not to say that he has to be gorgeous. There may be something in his personality or the way he moves, or laughs, or treats me that makes him attractive.

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Well, it plays a part, and anyone who says it doesn’t is either blind or a liar. there was this really cute goat once, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

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@Likeradar just a little? like half…?

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Would anyone not forced into an arranged partnership
willingly involve him/herself with someone non-tingly?

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@Likeradar I feel exactly the same way (all of what you had just said). Especially the has to be something physical about him that makes me wanna have skin-to-skin contact.

There’s someone now, whom I love ‘em to bits, but, there’s no desire to strip down to my skivvies whilst with them (no matter how much alcohol).

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@eponymoushipster Socks and pants. Everything else is negotiable.

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<<a little tame drunken fluthering>>

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@Likeradar oh, in that case…..;)

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Oh, well getting down to skivvies is something else. I have to have butterflies in my stomach for that.

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It plays a huge part – at least initially. If someone is not physically appealing to me I won’t give them another look.

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I think it’s all on a scale….

If you look like Angelina Jolie in her prime, I can tolerate a whole lot of stupid. Or if you’re a fantastic and intelligent conversationalist it’s okay with me if you’re not a 10.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Angelina Jolie in her prime?? She’s only 34!

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Angelina Jolie is not very attractive.

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I look good but I need a woman thats equally good looking. :)

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the personality makes the physical appearance… :))

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It is very important, not more important than intelligence and one’s capacity to grow and be passionate, but I still need to WANT them all the time – I don’t necessarily have a ‘type’, there are certain things that turn me off, but I know now, from my relationship history, that if a person is an incredible character, I begin to find them so beautiful, even if their kind of body/appearance wasn’t something I’d normally go for

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yeah but did you see her when she was 24?!?! man, what a babe…. and epony you’re insane.

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You know, I honestly have no idea what clicked between my current boyfriend and I that made me want to have a sexual relationship with him, but I can tell you this: he’s very handsome. And that may have had something to do with it. But he’s also very, very smart and basically the nicest person ever. And those have much more to do with it.

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I think it is very important. Sure strengths in other areas can increase your overall attraction to someone but the physical aspect needs to be present, prominently, in my opinion. That may sound shallow, but physical activity (sex) is important to me and if there isn’t physical attraction, then that activity becomes more like relief than hot fun.

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Pretty damn important.

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Very important. Now, what appeals to me has surprised more than a few.

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Very important. But it’s amazing how beautiful personality and sexiness can make a woman look.

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Huh. Well, I’m not blind or lying, and I’m gonna have to go with “not very.” Some of the people I’ve loved the best are downright ugly.

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I think that if someone doesn’t appeal to you physically, which in this case probably means the same as initially or at first glance, you never progress to the next step which is to see if there are connections on other levels.

I have always believed this and was amazed when many criticized the woman who didn’t want to go out with the guy who was too short for her taste. Looks, scent, attitude, they are all important if there is to be a step 2!!!

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This question comes up frequently in one form or another, and my response and experience is similar to @Simone_De_Beauvoir‘s:
The past few relationships I’ve been in had little physical attraction at first, but I persisted because there was something in our conversations that ‘clicked’. As I got to know each of them better, their character would come through in their mannerisms and/or a twinkle in their eye, and they became increasingly more attractive to me. The physical aspect of those relationships was satisfying for me, but other issues got in the way.

Not everyone can look stunning; and in time, those looks will change. Don’t write someone off because you don’t feel physical arousal the first couple of dates. If you sense chemistry or connection on some other level, give that person the benefit of the doubt.

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Honestly? Yes, it is important. When I look around for potential partners, I always look at the outside first. Of course, I always end up with someone I wouldn’t originally pick, for the simple reason that at the end of the day it’s all about character, and relationships just happen, they grow and they sneak up on you sometimes. You don’t really get to pick like in a supermarket.
Most of the girlfriends I’ve had would be considered gorgeous, though often not by me (which is a waste). Some have not been my type at all. And in the end, the only ones that lasted were the ones that had something going on the inside once unwrapped. Pretty, empty packages never lasted more than a day and a half.

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I think that the person will be attractive to YOU. Everyone has different preferences. And personality in the end is always more important than appearence. Like @Jack79 said, “Pretty, empty packages never lasted more than a day and a half.”

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