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Why does Yellow Freight have an orange logo?

Asked by essieness (7693points) June 13th, 2009

Is this weird to anyone else?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

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My kids and I have had this very same discussion. When I was a kid, that particular shade was known as ‘school bus yellow’. It has always looked orange to me, though.

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Heh. I’ve been wondering this since I was very young.

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Some color blind man, no doubt.

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In 1929, A.J. Harrell enlisted the help of the E.I. Dupont Company to improve highway safety by determining the vehicle color that would be the most visible on the nation’s highways. After the review was completed, it was determined that the color of the swamp holly berry would be most visible from the greatest distance. Swamp Holly Orange became the color used on all company tractors[1].

Source [link]

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@TheBox193 Well there ya go. Guess I could have Googled it. Thanks!

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Google or not – I’m just relieved to know I’m not the only one who has wondered about this for years.

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It is certainly much easier to distinguish a “school bus yellow” logo from a distance than it would be a paler yellow.

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But do you know the difference between JB Hunt tractors and Schneider tractors?

Five gallons of orange paint.

Oh boy, I’m sure to get in trouble for going off topic and telling a trucker joke.

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Yes, JB Hunt drivers are usually on the side of the road. (Ex was a truck driver who thought JB Hunt drivers were the worst drivers ever.)

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