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Why is the word big so small?

Asked by b (1873points) June 14th, 2009

While the word infinitesimal so big?

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It depends what language you use. In most European languages it is a variation of “Grand”.

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That’s like saying “why isn’t the word phonetic phonetic?” Why would it need to be? In fact, it would only be more confusing, because you might get the idea that it only applies to word length. Or something :P

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I don’t know. Is the word “heterological” heterological?

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Why is the word minuscule so long?

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To make under-endowed men feel better?

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An old line I heard George Carlin use: It’s like “jumbo shrimp and military intelligence, they’re mutually exclusive.”

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and “freezer burn”.

@ratboy : oh, sure, pluck the low-lying fruit, whydoncha?<grin> Might as well ask why all cretins are lyres.

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