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Can you please help me with Host/Housewarming Gift Ideas?

Asked by hearkat (22862points) June 14th, 2009 from iPhone

I recently met a very nice man and we had an enjoyable conversation. We’ve talked a bit since, and went on a date last week, which went quite well.

For our next date, he’s invited me to his new house. He’s recently moved there, yet also recently inherited much of what he’ll need. I’d like to bring something, but I have no clue!

Initially, he was planning to cook dinner for us, but once I told him how I love sushi, he started to reconsider and has not decided if he’ll cook or if we’ll get sushi… so that makes it tough to bring something that is complementary to the meal.

I can’t drink wine because of sulfite sensitivity, so that’s out. He hasn’t got a pet because he doesn’t have the time to spend with one, and I don’t get the sense that a houseplant would be a good idea.

All I can come up with is bringing dessert – which is fine – but I had also wanted to bring something more… more…
what’s the word? Tangible? Lasting?

I hope that someone among you understands, and can help me out! Thanks!

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More specifically, pistachios. Preferably in nice decorative container that can be used later (to hold cookies perhaps).

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A cookie jar!

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@cprevite: I like the idea. I was wondering why you specify pistachios. Wasn’t there recently a pistachio warning or recall or something? I don’t want to give the guy food poisoning! LOL

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I say pistachios because they’re less common than say walnuts or peanuts (and a little pricier) – a slightly gourmet nut as it were. I’d suggest the natural ones (not the ones dyed red).

I just ate some today and they’re yummy.

But here is the update on the recall.

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I’m not sure this is approriate but we once received one of those shower attachments that makes the spray pulsate in various ways for a housewarming gift. We loved it and used it all the time.

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If you know what kind of music he’s into or if there’s a CD you absolutlely love and would like to share with him, I would suggest gifting him with music.

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Does he drink coffee? A coffee mug?

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Since it sounds like he is comfortable in the kitchen, how about Brownies in a jar or Cookies in a jar or Pancake in a jar (with dried blueberries) or Cappucino in a jar? See the theme? It’s something you can make yourself, can be stored for a while and when he uses it, he will think of you.

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Maybe, since he likes cooking you could get him something that would provide an opportunity for you two to cook something together. I’m sort of piggy-backing off of Velvetinenut here. If you have a special family recipe you could share with him, I think that would be cute.

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how bout you bring stuff to make sushi
xP it’ll be fun

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…and, of course, cooking together often leads to other things.

::wink, wink::
::nudge, nudge::

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yes, it often leads to other things like…. eating things together. no joke, i did this tonight with my boyfriend.

::nudge, nudge::

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@cprevite would I lie? it was delicious too.

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I typicaly bring a log and a book of matches. But this only really works if they have a sense of humor.

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Is there any follow-up to this question? How did the dinner go, what did you bring, how did it go over?

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@nikipedia: Life got too busy and I didn’t have time to get anything. The date went well, and we’ve been dating since; but it seems to have recently cooled off a bit, and I am not sure what’s next. Thanks for asking, though!

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