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Now that it's over, has the "digital conversion" in the US affected you in any way, positive or negative?

Asked by Strauss (22133points) June 14th, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission has mandated that all US TV stations switch to a digital signal and turn off their analog signal by 6/12/09. Anyone have any experience to share?

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It really has not benefited me at all. If anything, it has made things worse. I do not recieve several of the channels as I did prior the switch, and several of the other stations are fuzzy or have lost sound. Maybe I should just give it a few more days. Hopefully it will work itself out.

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I called the FCC hotline the yesterday and they said some TV stations had “unexpected technical difficulties” and that we should give it a few more days, rescan periodically, and hope for the best.

It seems the digital signals do not travel as far as the old analog signals, and are more prone to interference from geography and topography (trees, etc)

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killed my TV a few years back, I guess their revenge is to now bombard my brain with digital waves!
Thought to self:
better start working on that tinfoil helmet…
I’ll keep y’all posted on how it’s affecting me…

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@Bagardbilla remember, for the tinfoil hat to work best, the shiniest side needs to be facing outwards. Putting it the other way focuses those digital signals INTO your brain.

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we got fios. i like it a lot.
although i didnt even know about the switch until a couple days ago ^-^’’ i thought we just randomly got fios for no reason.. we dont have hd tv so it doesnt make a difference in quality.

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I don’t have cable, so we get more channels. We also have some dedicated weather and traffic now which is nice. Way more pbs stations which is what we watch most of the time. It’s been good for us.

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@evelyns pet zebra
where’s the recycling bin?

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the thing that strikes me as funny is that people have known about this since at least December of last year, and definitely since February, when they bumped the changeover date to June, so why do I read in the paper that over 800,000 people called that digital hotline with problems. Are we Americans really that dense?

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We get cable triple play. It’s not as fast as it’s cracked up to be. But fios hasn’t been installed in our area. They have pseudo fios—phone and internet via wire, and tv via satellite. I don’t think so. Obviously, the switchover didn’t affect me, except there were all these boring news items about people who were having trouble.

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