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Just a thought, do you think (considering, not so long ago folk were using it on newborns umbilical cords) one could use surgical spirits on hemorrhoids?

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How low would the ceiling be in the room where you plan to try this?

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Being familiar with both caring for newborns’ umbilical cords and treating hemorrhoids, a resounding no. With the umbilical cord, you have a dead stump that needs to fall off, and a scab to form. The alcohol keeps the area clean and dry. You’re dealing with dead tissue.

With hemorroids, you need to reduce the pooling of blood and swelling in live tissue. Rubbing alcohol will not do this. The best treatment I found came from a compounding pharmacy, coupled with dietary changes (more water, more fiber).

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It is a treatment for hemorrhoids. You inject it in to them. It isn’t used because other treatments (banding for example) have higher success rates.

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Is a trip to the local drug store for some good old Preparation H out of the question?

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I don’t see how alcohol would help. And prep-h wipes consiste of witch hazel, so I guess I could see putting that onto them.

Or, you could eat a lot more fiber. I recommend Super Seed by Garden of Life. It’s all the fiber you need for the day (two drinks a day)

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This is what the proctologist recommended: take twice the amount of Ducolax as stated on the bottle (this is okay for a short term treatment). Take 2 chewable fiber tablets 5 times a day, make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water (no caffeine) a day. You want to reduce the possibility of straining, which makes things worse.

Ice packs to reduce swelling. Witch hazel to clean area, in case of tears. Preparation H suppositories were helpful, but the prescription from the compounding pharmacy was the most helpful.

I have a very high threshold for pain and discomfort, and this was worse than childbirth or a toothache.

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@PandoraBoxx Ducolax? Is that a laxative? Taking them is never a good idea, unless it’s a one time sort of thing, because our bodies become dependent on them.

A stool softener, such as Colace, can do wonders. 100mg once a day might help.
But, once I found Super Seed, I haven’t needed anything else, I could even go back to eating forbidden foods such as candy.

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Is it just me, or has this turned into a somewhat shitty conversation? ;)

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