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Who or what would you be willing to die for?

Asked by juwhite1 (2971points) June 14th, 2009

I’m just wondering what is worth dying for. For my, my very closest loved ones would be worth dying for, but I wonder what ideals and what people other folks would be willing to dye for. For example, my brother in law is in the Army and has served several tours in the Middle East.

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There is a big difference between “willing to risk death for”, and willing to die for. Only my wife and children would be in the latter category, although many others might be in the former.

If they were about to be executed, who would you willingly change places with probably illustrates it better.

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Key Lime Pie.

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I would die for my beliefs, my family and my country (USA).

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Nothing at the moment. I’m just being honest.

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The one I love

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My family.

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the person I am in love with

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For the chance to live.

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My family and my SO. Oh, and my bestfriend.

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My husband and children.

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My Faith.
Less fortunate deffenseless beings.
True Patriotism.

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My daughter – no question, no doubt. Possibly my husband or another family member, but I honestly can’t say for sure because I feel my main purpose/responsibility in life right now is to raise my daughter and I can’t do that if I’m dead. I probably would if it were an instictual thing, like pushing them out of the way of a car. If someone was holding a gun to them, I am not sure I would say, “No, kill me instead.”

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I would die for my country but I’d rather make some else die for theirs.

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My daughter. Nothing else. I have no king, country, ideology or race, religion or lifestyle I wouldn’t betray for my daughter. But I would do anything for her (and have). The only thing I did not do for her was taint my soul. But even that was because I knew it would have harmed her in the long run.

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Freedom, because without it, I would rather be dead. Of course, I wouldn’t kill myself for not having it, but I would fight to the death for it.

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My kids and my wife.

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My kids and my wife, my country, my God.
Any of these would be a good death. You get to the point where you worry your death will be boring and pointless. It would be nice to die for something.

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My loved rights.. the ability to be spirituality..the God in me

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My kids and my husband. I would kill for them too, if I had to.

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myself, paradoxical isn’t it?

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I would die for a decent roll of toilet paper.

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@ChazMaz I would die for a decent roll of toilet paper.

What a crappy way to go…

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Badda bing!

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Good toilet paper is important.

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Who wants to use John Wayne toilet paper? Not me, that’s for sure!

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Suggested names for John Wayne toilet paper:

Hell Fighters
In Harms Way
True Grit
Dark Command
Winds of the Wasteland
Tall in the Saddle
Miracle in Motion

Bad names for John Wayne Toilet paper:

Flame of the Barbary Coast
The Searchers
Blood Alley

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@filmfann- You put True Grit in the good name category? Ouch.

Another for the “bad” list: The Shootist

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