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What is the best way to get the fat of your body in 3 weeks?

Asked by me2you0987 (20points) June 14th, 2009
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There is none. Even Liposuction won’t do it all. Fat loss takes time, discipline and work. In three weeks you could lose some fat, tone up a little, certainly look better, but not really lose any significant amount of fat.

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Get it where?

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repeated liposuction into a resealible container

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Short of surgery, Annorexia would be the most efficient way, but, of course, would be a very, very bad idea. The best you can do is lots of exercise and healthy eating. If you stick with it, you won’t have to figure out how to try to get the fat off your body in a really short time period next time some special event comes up that you want to look great for.

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@juwhite1 Short of surgery, Annorexia would be the most efficient way,

That is naive. It requires reducing intake by three thousand calories for each pound of fat lost. In three weeks, twenty-one days, at full efficiency (impossible to achieve) you could only lose about twenty-one pounds if the person was eating three thousand calories a day, a level that is way more than recommended.

If you are realist and drop their maintenance level back to one thousand calories per day, they would only lose about fourteen pounds.

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Are you assuminig they need to lose more than 14 pounds? Perhaps they want to lose 10 pounds… At any rate, I’ll stand by recommending excercise, which builds muscle mass and decreases fat, along with healthy eating. Even if they don’t lose all they fat they want within three weeks, my comment on sticking with it so that next time they want to look great, they don’t have to try to do it in an unreasonably short time frame was the main point.

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@juwhite1 Are you assuminig they need to lose more than 14 pounds

Yes, people who are less overweight than that would normally not be asking such naive questions, they would have some concept of weight management.

Exercise will tone anyone up, and if maintained for long enough at a sufficient level, will boost the metabolism sufficiently to burn excess fat. It is not a very successful answer for people who are extremely overweight. They seldom stick to it.

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it’s mostly math. one pound of weight = 3500 calories. you gotta burn that much more than you consume. you can stop eating, but your body will adjust its metabolism (going into survival mode) so that without exercise you’ll burn less and less every week just by not eating. what i hear works best is combination of exercise and reduced calorie intake.

have you read up on low glycemic food?

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The best way is to work your ass off, burn way more calories than you eat, but you have to keep eating healthily or else your body will go into starvation mode and will hold ON to its precious calories. You’ll also lose some water weight during the first few days if you go from completely inactive to moderately active.

Colonics don’t work, period (your colon doesn’t need help cleaning itself, and you don’t have pounds of impacted stuff up there despite what the sellers of colonics would have you believe). Anorexia doesn’t work, your body goes into starvation/protection mode and all sorts of weird things start happening, but more importantly it won’t get rid of fat at all. You could also get it cut out of you, but the healing time would be longer than three weeks and you’ll just put it right back on eventually. There is no solution beyond working it off of you, and that’s done through nutrition and exercise. There is no secret pill, nothing.

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