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Will a tiny sliver of glass in my finger work its way out on its own?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) December 29th, 2007

I know a wood splinter would, but this is so “slippery” I’m wondering if there is more to do. I can’t get it out myself.

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I imagine it would, my main concern would be it breaking into lots of very tiny pieces. Depending on how deep it is or potentially infectious I might be apt to start digging and let a larger, manageable, self inflicted wound heal on its own.

That’s just what I would do. I’m not a doctor.

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How small are we talking? Yes… it will eventually work its way out (from experience), but it gets pretty painful… and it may slowly work through to the other side. No joke.

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I’m not a doctor as well.

For tiny slivers of broken glass on kitchen floors, I read a trick to use bread to pick up. I’ve done this trick a couple of times over the years and it works.

This is something I would try to do on the finger, to pat bread gently on finger. It depends how imbedded it is?

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It’s getting kind of infected, which might actually push the glass out. It’s very small—too small to see, I just feel it—and saw the shininess of it a couple of times when I was pressing it—but I just couldn’t get it. I hope it doesn’t work it’s way in the other direction—to the bone of my finger. I’ll try soaking it, and see what happens over night.

Thanks all!

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If it doesn’t work its way out soon it might eventually. I had a friend once who developed a small cyst-like sore on his forehead. A doctor looked at it and cut it open to drain it and a small piece of glass came out. Turns out the guy had been in an auto accident a decade before and had hit his head into the windshield. The glass had been in him ten years before working its way out.

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The answer is “NO.” it will work it’s way deeper into your body and have babies which will eventually grow inside your brain and direct you to commit criminal acts against innocent strangers.

Turn yourself in at once….before people get hurt

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It can form a small cyst around the glass. You need to remove it. Lance it out. If you can’t do it get it done it is not a big deal.

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I wouldn’t let in grow out expessially since it’s sharp and can cut through skin. Just drive over to a minute clinic and have the nurse get it out for you.
It’s safer and faster.

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Also if you let a cyst form a doctor or dermatologist will have to cut it open to let it drain with the little piece of glass

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