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What will be better OSX Snow Leopard or Windows7?

Asked by ariaen (48points) June 14th, 2009

Both are being updated and both will be available around September. I am curious on your opinion.

The reason that I ask is that I have had very poor experiences with VISTA. (My wife’s Vista notebook had a lot of trouble with roaming in our wireless home network, for instance.) I therefore migrated to an apple notebook about a year ago. Now my wife wants / needs a new computer and we are tempted by the better prices for windows computers. Now that VISTA will become windows 7 it seems that it may be just as good as OSX. In that case, we may postpone until windows 7 is released. Alternatively, we might still rather buy an apple laptop and enjoy the free update when snow leopard comes around.

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OSX is really more of a mechanical and hardware/functional improvement, addressing the usage of multiple core and multiple processor machines isn’t it?

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Windows 7 will kick the shit out of Vista with better UI, better performance, and more security, and Snow Leopard will address lots of the problems people have with Leopard, so I don’t think the two are all that comparable. 7 is an overhaul, Snow Leopard is more of a performance fix.

Snow Leopard will sell more in the first month, though, just because it’s cheaper.

I am anxiously awaiting both.

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@dverhey – Cheers! I have a dual quad and can’t wait to finally have something take advantage of it for frick’s sake.

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