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Why did 70% of African Americans back Prop. 8?

Asked by joooon (215points) June 14th, 2009
Why would a community that has been suppressed, suppress another community?

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Another shiny new account asking a contentious question. Find an article that can offend both Gays AND Black people and you are in troll heaven. All the same person, or is school out?

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Because they know the Bible well.

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Who is this Margority?

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This is a ridiculous question. Why did 30% support it? Go back to your KKK meeting.

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@AstroChuck Who is this Margority?

Apparently Margo isn’t all there. She is down to 70% now.

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Seems to be a fair few new accounts verging on the troll side. @DarkScribe

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“Go back to your KKK meeting.” And the blacks were also nice to us.

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@ESV Because they know the Bible well.

Which Bible well? There are nearly two-hundred and fifty of them mentioned in the Bible.

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Well, now my earlier remark makes no sense. Damn you edit feature!
<shakes fist>

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Why would a community that got suppressed, suppress another one?

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@sandystrachan Seems to be a fair few new accounts verging on the troll side.

May the farce be with us.

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and they say California is a liberal state…yeah right.

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actually, societies that have been oppressed have a history of oppressing others as the only means to power – hence more sexism in poor neighborhoods, etc.

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Thanks for the link.
Still being gay things like this annoys me.

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things like what? people being homophobes? of course it’s annoying, it’s infuriating
but nothing is what it seems, especially in political games

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Very simple answer.


You will find that 70% is very close to the proportion of African Americans who are at least moderately religious.

I am sure that most African Americans don’t have a problem with homosexuals but their RELIGION (in this case Christianity and sometimes Islam) prevents them from supporting it.

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