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Will you join me in congratulating @Jeruba's 10K lurve?

Asked by whatthefluther (13820points) June 14th, 2009

Please join me in recognizing @Jeruba’s fine contributions on fluther.

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I absolutely love Jeruba’s input

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Bravo , maybe one day i too can join such a club as you are in now .

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mods…I hope this is cool. I could not find anyone else on the threshold and to my knowledge a new mechanism to celebrate 10K lurve has not yet been established.

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Jeruba, you help make this site the great site that it is. I love your input and all your avatars. Congratulations. Cake for Jeruba, cake for all.

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With pleasure! So often the voice of eloquence and balance in a sea of chaos. I look forward to seeing “Jeruba is crafting a response…”, and everything that comes after! Congratulations!

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@whatthefluther Shh, don’t tell them and don’t draw attention to it. They may not notice.

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Congrats and congrats, you give good fluther!

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Well, this is good news! Congratulations, Jeruba!

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yay! i’m coming up on you, Jeruba.

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Yay for Jeruba. It’s an honor to be in her majesty’s presence.

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Congrats, Jeruba! very well deserved!

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Way to go Jeruba!!!! You have earned it and the site is better for your participation!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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When I first returned to fluther after a seven month absence, one of the first “new” (to me) jellies that stood out was Jeruba with posts that were consistently insightful, thoughtful, thorough and kind. Well Jeruba, I probably missed the first 6K of your lurve, but I plan on sticking around for at least your next 6K. Congratulations Jeruba!

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Congrats, Jerbua!!

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Congratulations Jeruba! I’m either learning or laughing because of you. Thanks! :D

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Great going Jeruba! You really deserve it.

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Congratulation, Jeruba! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

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Good going Jeruba. You are one of the core in my opinion.

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Congrats Jeruba!

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I look forward to your posts, when I see you replying. Even if it’s not what I want to hear, it’s still said with such grace :)

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Congrats Jeruba!!!!

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Congrats to one who brings great intelligence, proper English, and thoughtful advice to Fluther!

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Congratulations! I hope her majesty will continue to grace us with her royal presence for many lurves to come.

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Whoopieee! Hurray for Jeruba. You da

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You always add color to my day. Congratulations!

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Congrats Jeruba, word goddess extraordinaire.

Jeruba keeps us on the straight and narrow when it comes to editing, English, and other important questions. One of my favorite jellies, I wonder why it took so long, must be a conspiracy at work here.

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you go jeruba! much lurve! congrats!

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Yay Jeruba! Thanks for all your contributions :)

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Congratulations Jeruba! I agree with others about your insightful contribution. I appreciate your genuine care for the community and will to understand the rules set by the owners. Fluther is lucky to have you!

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Congrachulashuns! Absolootly asstonitching. Muhch lerv too yoo!

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Oh, thank you, thank you all! I’ve just been out celebrating my nephew’s graduation, and when I got home I saw that big round number sitting there. It is indeed a thrill and an honor to join such distinguished company. I’m truly delighted to see you all at the party, and I treasure our association. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

I hope you don’t mind that I brought along some balloons. I don’t think there’s anything more celebratious. But I won’t turn down some cake!

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aw congratulations! :DD

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Congratulations! :)

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No points for originality here… :)

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Congrats!!! We lurve you Jeruba!!!

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Congratulations, Jeruba!

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Congratulations. :) Jeruba is one of my favorite contributing members of Fluther because I, too, have learned quite a bit from her.

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Congrats to you Jeruba!

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Tentacles down, one of the best jellies to ever tap a keyboard. Congratulations!!

I can’t imagine Fluther without you.

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403 Forbidden balloons! They’re the best!

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Congrats Jeruba!!

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@Jayne, didn’t the balloons show up for you? Did I do it wrong?

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Alas there were no balloons.

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@Jeruba I would help you but…. ;)

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!!!! I can see them. Oh, dear, that was kind of flat. Wait a sec, I’ll try again. We have to have balloons.

How’s this?

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Congratulations and in honor of the occasion I baked you a cake

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Congrats Jeruba! To add to this balloon/cake/chippendale party I bring Champagne !

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Cheers, @adreamofautumn. I’m already swilling it, did you see? Thank you! Please pass it around.

@SeventhSense, that cake is amazing. Have another piece, won’t you?

@jonsblond, I didn’t realize until now what it was that I had been missing in my life.

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@Jeruba I thought that you might appreciate the beauty of Chris Farley.

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Yes, all that inner beauty. So much of it that it almost seemed as if he were having some difficulty keeping it in.

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Don’t mind if I do. Just returning the favor for the lovely banana bread.

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@Jeruba Thank you for the laugh. That is why I lurve you!

Why am I whispering? This is your party thread! :D

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@Jeruba someone’s getting drunk tonight! careful, sometimes champagne hangovers are the worst, nothing like a good night of friends and bubbly to leave a terrible headache, be sure to eat lots of the cake to help counteract it! ;)

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Cake, balloons & Chris Farley…this has turned into quite a party. And the Laker win is a nice little bonus Cheers, Jeruba!

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And champagne!

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@andrew – Hehehe. I can’t believe I never heard that before!

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@Jeruba don’t forget to pour some out for your homies.

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Since you all partied all night, I thought I’d get you off to a good start this morning! Dig In!

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congrats! thank you for answering some of my questions

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@bythebay: Woo Hoo – morning pancakes!

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@cprevite: Anything for the team!

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Play a tuba for Jeruba! Happy 10,000!

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What became of the monarchs of yore
After history showed them the door?
I don’t know ‘bout the others,
But the Virgin Queen fluthers,
And has racked up one helluva score!

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Happy 10 K, J!

reverse alphabet….

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@Jeruba Sorry I missed the party. But I brought some balloons, some flowers and some more cake and beverages. Wanna Party?

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Wow, more stuff! More party! More big thank-yous. My head doesn’t hurt at all. Pancakes!! Poetry!!! (Exquisite, @Harp. Herself would be charmed.)

To make a party it takes a cake and one balloon,—
One cake, and a balloon,
And a friend.
The friend alone will do
If balloons are few.

That’s by Emily Dickinson, did you know that?

And a tuba. Flowers, too! All wonderful. But the friends are best of all.

@epony, I poured your champagne into that big beer stein beside you on the floor. Did you look?

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@epony, you’re talking to yourself again. Better have a little nap.

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Congrats Jeruba!!!! now if I can only break a 1000…

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@TheRocketPig- If you don’t mind a bunch of twenties, I can help you out.

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Congrats @Jeruba!!!! LURVE LURVE LURVE

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@jonsblond Thank you so much for the chippendale’s! Chris Farley is just…tooo much…Need I say more?

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This is probably late but nonethless I mean it. Congrats!!

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@AstroChuck….That must be one huge newspaper route!

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I lurve you, Jeruba. :)

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Congrats!! I’m surprised it took this long!! Everbody lurves Jeruba!!

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Congratulations to one of Fluther’s finest intellectuals. Excellent work and well deserved!

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Congrats. I always come late…

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I sure appreciate you a lot, too, Jeruba. I aspire to be as splendid of a writer as you are – and as kind.

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@Everyone Lurve shots for all…
You are a rare gems who glistens upon us fluthering moths kind rays of wisdom & warmth.
We are honoured to be graced by your warmth.

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Ok maybe a leeetle bit much. I’m sure I’m not the only flutherite who takes issue with being a fluthering moth. The smoke you’re blowing up her hindquarters may emerge from her ears any moment

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Thank you for your kind sentiments, @Bagardbilla, but I have to agree with SeventhSense on this one. No one can live up to such extravagant praise. I’ll try to glisten on alternate Tuesdays, and that’s probably about the best I can do.

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I cannot believe I missed this! :/ I blame the bronchitis.

Jeruba, you have made a truly positive impact on our community, and on me personally. Thanks for sharing yourself with us! Congratulations on your well deserved achievement.

I lurve you. <3

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Don’t feel bad, dear Auggie. I’m so sorry you were sick. Here, I saved you a piece of cake and a balloon. Too bad you missed the tuba.

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I missed this wonderful milestone too! Your speedy rise to the 10k club is a mark of your wisdom, warmth, and caring. Congratulations!

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I missed the fun :(

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Congrats Jeruba!!

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To one of my favorite jellies! Congrats on 10K! I was surprised that it was only 10.

Congo-rats and Pancakes for all!

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To you latest posters: This thread is a year and a half old. @Jeruba is now nearly at 30K.

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No wonder I was so surprised it was only 10k!

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@AstroChuck This is also in the General Section. tee hee

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