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What goes into deciding a name (Question from my little brother)?

Asked by CrazyRedHead (925points) June 14th, 2009

So they call them anklets and bracelets, but why don’t they call it a neclet??

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Then shouldn’t a bracelet be a wristlet or armlet?

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From now on, let’s just call them all limblets.

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there is “amulet” if you want to go with “lets” (which started off as ”-lettes” btw). I suppose the one around the neck is called a “necklace” for the simple reason that it started off as a lace with perhaps a seashell on it. It was much later that people could afford golden chains and so on. btw “brace” just means “arm” so anything you put on your arm is already a “bracelet”. We could of course have “leglets” or “hiplets” by that logic.

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Or a finger-let instead of a ring.

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I’ve always wondered if goose becomes geese, why doesn’t moose become meese?

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I just call them meese, anyway.

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@juwhite1 @CrazyRedHead
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One Sherriff- two Sherriffem

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So is a toupe a coverlet?

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no, it’s a headlet, except if you’re talking about a policeman’s helmet, which would be a piglet (j/k but you saw that coming, didn’t you?)

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