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Would you consider having a lot of songs/albums a form of gluttony? Is there a downside to having a large music collection?

Asked by sailor (80points) June 14th, 2009

I know people who keep boxes upon boxes of CDs and vinyls and some people who have over 300 gigs worth of music. I was never really that kind of person until just recently. The past few months I’ve just been… buying whatever albums I can and downloading everything else. I feel like I’m just hoarding all this music—just having for the sake of having. It’s strange, because it’s like I’ve come to the point where I don’t know my music anymore; I don’t have that comfortable familiarity I used to have with a band and their songs like when I had a much smaller collection.
Anyway, I got to thinking about all of this today and wondered what everyone else thought about this issue.

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I have about 24GB of music on iTunes, but only about a quarter of it is stuff that I really know and like. I have been collecting music all of my adult life. Vinyl, CDs and even the old Eight track cartridges from my father’s day.

It comes from loading entire albums onto iTunes when I might only like one or two songs.

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i have 30gigs of music, and there’s still a lot of music i want. plus, there’s always something new and/or interesting to listen to. I peruse music blogs weekly, if not daily.

as for keeping physical CDs – that’s the past. I buy maybe 3 real CDs a year, usually for bands/musicians that i know have particularly cool packaging/artwork.

occasionally i find a song i haven’t heard in ages, but i’m glad it’s there.

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@DarkScribe 8 tracks from your fathers’ day? I AM YOUR DAD’S AGE?

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300 gigs…that is a lot of music! When I bought my 30 GB iPod I didn’t think I would fill it but, that just recently happened and I still have several hundred cassettes and vinyl albums that I have not yet converted to digital. I can not imagine ever having too much music. I have many favorites and have full catalogs of most of them. I am selective however and don’t just download stuff because its free. If that’s your goal, Amazon always has free stuff available.
@DarkScribe,....Hell I remember 4 tracks and I don’t believe you are much younger than me (55)

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@chyna 8 tracks from your fathers’ day? I AM YOUR DAD’S AGE?

I doubt it. I am in my fifties, he had a car with an eight track when I was about ten. I kept all of his old tapes.

He is ninety, is still single handing a sixty-two foot ketch around the Pacific and shacked up with a Debra Harry lookalike who is considerably younger than I am. It is his fifth “wife” in forty years. He wears them out. He was in his forties when I was born. Every now and then I’ll meet someone who says “Hi, I’m your step brother”. He hasn’t produced any girls yet (my sisters have another father) that any of us are aware of. He leaves the girls to me, I have five of them.

Actually I wouldn’t be surprised to find him on here – I will mention it next time see him. He spends nearly as much time on the net as I do when he is within range of a WiFi broadband connection. When he is using satellite it is just for email.

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@whatthefluther Hell I remember 4 tracks and I don’t believe you are much younger than me (55)

I am the same, fifty-five. I do recall four tracks but don’t have any of them.

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yes, I think the more you have, the less you get to enjoy each of them (assuming you have a more or less limited amount of time to dedicate to listening). I know I’m like that with videogames. I own more than 100, and have only really played 3–4 properly (and maybe looked at another 10).

Whereas having only 10–20 (or at least 100 and not 2,000) albums means you’d listen to them again and again.

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i’m a music hoarder, but i only hoard music i like. i noticed that my 30gb ipod is only 5gbs away from being filled. but the majority of it is music i like and listen to. i know i’ve got to weed out the stuff i really don’t like anymore, or that i downloaded just to see if i’d like it or not (and don’t), but that is a different one of the seven deadly sins; i am just too lazy.

i do know what you mean about it not feeling as personal, but i still have that with my favourite bands. also, i like when i stumble upon some band i used to love, but haven’t listened to in forever. it’s nice to reconnect with ‘old friends’ (:

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I have a 36 gig iTunes library, every song with a rating and cover art. Most have lyrics too. And because I have rated them all, I guess they all feel pretty personal to me. Although I will come across some songs I gave high ratings a few years ago and think “What is this shit?” Maybe I should go through every once and a while and re-rate some.

So the downside for me would be 1) Stuff gets cataloged wrong, which bugs me because I’m pretty picky about my music and 2) I don’t listen to enough of it. The second one doesn’t really bother me because I got most of it from friends, or didn’t pay for it.

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I have quite a bit of music in various forms, ranging from LPs to cassettes, CDs, and downloads. I find that I must 1) physically organize my holdings so I can find what I want to listen to when I want to listen to it and 2) sometimes cull out things that I used to listen to but don’t any longer. As with other aspects of the human personality, taste in music changes over time and space is limited.

Then there is the changing of technology. I still have a turntable and functioning cassette decks so I can still play much of my collection. However, I no longer have a working 8-track player so I sold those cassettes some years ago.

I must admit, though, that I listened to the Beatles first US album the other day for the first time in a long time, and it was still very enjoyable.

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The obsession with music doesnt make you a glut at all, just a highly interested person.

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No way man…just means you like a different variety of music and you have alot of it. You should never get bored if you like music.

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no… There are worse things…

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