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How long does tuna fish & mayo last after opened?

Asked by naxx (1points) June 14th, 2009
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If it’s been in the fridge I would say at least another day or two. My roommates and I have eaten it during that time frame, and it was all finished before we could make it extend any longer haha.

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Anything with seafood in it is risky. I won’t use it beyond the next day.

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If you mean tuna and mayo combined (maybe with other stuff added, like celery or green pepper, a little lemon juice, onion, etc.), as for sandwiches, I would consider it safe to keep for three days.

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Once I open the can, it’s gone within 30 minutes. Even if I try to resist.
Charley keeps calling to me.

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Not very dang long!

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If left out on the table, about three hours, in the refrigerator, about three days.

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Don’t ever leave it out on the table. Mayo is a notoriously fast spoiler. Stick it in the fridge, covered, in front of the other stuff so you won’t lose it..

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@susanc Good advice. It could last, but why take chances. I have a cute little picnic cooler that you fill with ice, and then keep the mayo and such in.

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@YARNLADY : Ah, the old cooler-on-the-picnic-table gambit.
@all: Mayo in the cooler is cool, of course.

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