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Do avacados spoil ?

Asked by omarlys (1points) June 14th, 2009
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Yes. Just like any other produce, they get brown and mushy and disgusting after too long.

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Yes. And quickly.

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Of course they do.

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Everything organic rots.

Buy an avocado. Watch.

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^^Just broke 10,000 lurve!^^

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Yeah, they do spoil, but I’ve still eaten them after they’ve turned brown. There’s a point of no return though, use your own digression.

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@namiru, did you mean your own discretion?

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Everything spoils except Twinkies.

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Yes, they brown and blacken.
The best way to test an avocado for ripeness is to lightly press in on the stem. If it goes in easily, it’s ripe. If it goes in quickly, it’s spoiled. If it doesn’t go in, it needs to ripen.
The best way to ripen it is to have it in a paper bag for a day or two.

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Stem? I have never seen an avocado with a stem.

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Avocado will not ever ripen on the tree. It will continue to stay green until picked and then yes it will become rotten and spoil.

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@Jeruba It’s the little knob on the top, if the heavy end is the bottom. I am not sure if avocados actually have a direction.

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Everything spoils except honey.

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