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Is there a safe way to repair a jade carving and keep the value?

Asked by wendeek (1points) June 14th, 2009

I have a very delicate jade carving and piece broke off, I would like to repair it and sell it.

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Have it evaluated by a professional who specializes in fine jade carvings. If you could get at least three estimates, you will have a good example to judge.

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If you had a carved piece of solid jade and a piece broke off, I’m afraid you’ve already lost substantial value no matter how well the repair is done. Its impossible to restore it to its previous condition.

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It is possible to repair damaged jade so that it is attractive once again, but you will never be able to hide the damage, and shouldn’t attempt to do so as that is a form of fraud.

I worked in a museum that had a valuable collection of jade carvings. These were twice targeted by thieves. The second time the thief was not a professional and ended up becoming trapped in the building, where he dropped and broke several of the items he had sought to steal. We had a professional jade carver repair the pieces well enough that they can remain on display and the damage is all but unnoticeable. However, he documented precisely what he did and photos of the entire process were included in the permanent file for the items.

Have it repaired by all means, and get it appraised, but if you sell it be honest.

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I looked at some carved jade pieces online to see what the dealers were saying about it. The pieces still command high prices, but I have no idea what their original value was. One particularly beautiful piece for $350.00 was a sort of Pagodo, with dragons down the sides of the roof, and two of the dragons had been broken and repaired.

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