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Is there a lightweight video editor for OS X?

Asked by justn (1382points) June 14th, 2009

Sometimes I don’t feel like I should have to open up iMovie just to do some simple cutting and splicing of video. Are there any video editors out there for OS X that offer these basic features without the bloat of iMovie?

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Quicktime can do that very easily. It cost money though.

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ScreenEdit will do this for free. But the UI is shit. It takes a bit to figure it out.

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@johnpowell – I didn’t even realize that was you! I have seen your icon all over. I had been gone for a bit.

Thanks for that link I never heard of that.

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There’s acidemux or HyperEngine AV or you could download iMovie HD 6 for free from Apple’s website. I would recommend quicktime pro though.

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@Bri_L and @dverhey I do have QuickTime Pro, how do I use it to splice two videos together?

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Open the first movie, select all, copy. Open the second movie, click where you want it, paste.

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You can also use the little triangles to select a part. then commnd new and paste. then do that with the other movie into the new one you just made. thats if you don’t want all of both.

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Another question, my videos are both different resolutions, when I paste the bigger video into the smaller video Quicktime does this. Is there any way to make the larger video scale down to the resolution of the smaller video?

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You can save the larger video so it matches the smaller one before you start editing.

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