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Dark gray birds with a black strip on the crown, what kind are they?

Asked by Mwolfe3508 (1points) June 15th, 2009

In my backyard, there are a host of smallish, dark gray birds with a black stripe on the crown. Any idea what the name is?

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Where do you live?

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You don’t give us much to work with…

Cat bird?

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Richmond Virginia

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By small, do you mean bigger or smaller than a robin, the standard by which you estimate other birds?

Catbird fits the description but he doesn’t travel in packs and he vocalizes loudly and a lot, imitating other bird calls and meowing (hence the name.)

Is there any flash of white on the birds. Check out the small common ones that travel in groups. Chickadees, tufted titmice, juncos…and the phoebes who hang around with one partner.

Carolina and Black-capped chickadee;

Check out Mockingbirds (also solitary), brownheaded cowbird, Eastern Kingbird, ...they are biggish birds and again, do not hang out with the crowd.

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