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How do you posses power over others?

Asked by minolta (328points) June 15th, 2009

If power is what nations, people, businesses and leaders want, how do they go around getting it, on a strictly human level?

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I would believe if one wanted to posses power over others you would make them believe that they cannot do without you. You would listen and tell them what they wanted to hear and give them what they needed. And most of all give them hope for a better and peaceful future.

Because at the end of the day we all want to be heard, loved and most of all know that our future will be more comfortable and our environment saver and cleaner.

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Some people have a “natural” ability to lead. Though, lets not get confused between narcissism in its rawest form and leadership.
Some people (most people) want to lead, but, have to become aware of who they are and how to adjust in order to lead. The difference between good leaders and bad leaders is their poor understanding of the people around them.
For me, my leadership skills became a light bulb moment. I recognized the positive in myself. A greater level of confidence, confidence without condemnation to others. This gave me a higher, more focused level of confidence.
With that I became more insightful as to how to use it directly towards people.
As the saying goes, ” you need to dress for success.” Not only on the outside but in the inside too.

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Read; 48 Rules Of Power

by: Robert Greene

It is an extensive study of how the most powerful people in History got to be that way.

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by inevitably having an unequal relationship

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Okay I’ll spill the beans about the above referenced book. What the author discovered were some unique traits and habits in people who acquired great power.

The most important aspect of gaining power according to Greene is the ability to control one’s emotions and also to know what other people are thinking, then simply capitalize on this to your advantage.Its a great book that gives many examples.

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