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Does society influence the way we think?

Asked by bubbleblue (52points) June 15th, 2009

Words often motivate us. Atittudes change us. Materials consume us.

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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We are social animals. Our success as individuals and as a species depends on cooperation. Society can not help but influence the way we think.

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Absolutely. Our thoughts do no form in a vacuum.

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Yes, but how you choose or allow it to affect you is a unique decision. For example, I may choose to become involved in a movement based on news or world events; I may choose to purchase organic produce or become a vegan. Others may choose to tune in and watch “Speidi”, and then run out and buy her products or something they endorse. We are all products of our environments to a degree.

However, I would disagree with your assertion that “materials consume us”. Not everyone is materialistic nor does everyone participate in mass consumer consumption.

It’s all about our life choices, and we are all motivated or moved by different things.

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We are all influenced by the nature of there being influence. Sometime is it subtle, sometimes it is in your face and you have to have it. Influence is not necessary about choice. You could be influenced to go in the opposite direction of where the influence might want to direct you. Or that just might be how it should be influencing you.

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no way man. im %100 non-conformist all the way!


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There’s a philosophical/ social behavior theory that says no thought is entirely unique. Due to our social history, we all have the information or skill to develop certain innovations. There is some sort of social bonds or collective consciousness going on among the people. That’s why, for example, say a group of scientists in Japan could be working on something, a couple of students back in America could have proposed the idea already, both without knowing about the other. Interesting if you consider electricity, engines, water transportation, clothes, or even fire, and how multiple “discoverers” are credited for it. There is no one source, the information is all in a collective, much like how fluther is haha.
It’s just a theory, I forgot what specific name it is called, but it’s interesting none the less.

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