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Any idea when the new version of the Iphone comes out?

Asked by ssibrahim (15points) December 29th, 2007 from iPhone
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There are suggestions on various Apple Rumours sites that a 3G version of the iPhone will come out in 2008 in Japan.

AT&T CEO Randall Stevenson has also suggested an iPhone with 3G will come out in 2008.

Apple are still churning out software updates and working to release iPhone into more of Europe and Asia so while a 3G iPhone may be coming soon, it wouldn’t seem likely for them to release a completely new model. They are still making apps and an SDK at the moment…

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Apple likes to announce stuff at Mac World, and they’d rather make the announcement themselves than let the FCC do it for ‘em, so the very soonest one could happen is June/July, as they’d announce it in January, then file it with the FCC for certification, then allow six months or whatever for that to go through. Not saying that this definitely will happen, just that it’s the soonest it potentially could.

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