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What can be done to help the protesting students/youth/Mousavi supporters in Iran?

Asked by jfos (7370points) June 15th, 2009

Following the presidential election on Friday, in which Ahmedinejad claimed a landslide of votes, apparantly through foul play on part of the non-transparent vote-counting process, Mousavi supporters have been protesting in the streets of Tehran. To anyone who is informed of the situation—how could we help?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think that there is anything non-Iranians can do right now without it being seen as interference.


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There is nothing to do. I suppose you could start a blog.

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by staying the f*ck out?
The Iranian door has been battered by meddling superpowers
for years, in the pursuit of oil, Iran, like many other so called rogue states
have forged a siege mentality, which is actually impeding political reform.

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If you’re comp-savvy, you can set up a proxy server for Iranians to use:

You can also just make a show of support. Take a picture of yourself in green clothes and upload it on a Facebook group. My friend is organizing a Flickr page gathering such pictures. It’s important for Iranians to realize that the world is with them and sympathizes with their struggle. That’s quite different from “meddling.”

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@mammal I don’t mean as a country, I mean as individuals.

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Maybe an irrelevant comment, but I am old enough to remember how we rooted for Fidel Castro when he was fighting to overthrow Batista in 1958. Schoolchildren were encouraged to regard him as a revolutionary hero much like our own. I think we’re inclined to see George Washingtons here and there even when the resemblance is slight.

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