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What is the weirdest thing you've been jealous about?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) June 15th, 2009

Jealousy about people is easy. I doubt if there’s anyone who hasn’t felt that. What about jealousy about other things? Things you wouldn’t normally think to be jealous about? Or things that you couldn’t possibly have, because no one can give them to you or share them with you (like a talent).

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I’m jealous of tall/normal height people being able to buy clothes that don’t require hemming.

(Although there is now a category called “Petite Short” that seems to fit ok.)

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Dogs. They can fall asleep anywhere.
And lick themselves!

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I wont get into details, but it had something to do with a weird midget porno flick called…...” Endowment Of The Little Farts ”....or something like that?

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I’m jealous of birds ability to fly using nothing but their own bodies. How great it would be to fly away when things get troublesome. Soaring above everything without a care in the world. Have you ever noticed that some birds seem to be loving every minute of it. Especially gulls, I swear you can see them smile.

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Morning people. I can’t become one no matter how hard I try. I dislike waking up and find the early hours of the day boring.

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@syz Not so fast. I’m tall 5’9 but I am all leg and need a 34 inseam to wear with heals.

I WISH I could buy womens slacks that were long enough, and didn’t have to buy mens just to get them right!
Petite short – wow – maybe someday Skinny Tall’s!

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fellow fluthers.

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A friend of mine was telling me how CCAC has a LaserCamm.
I don’t remember the last time I’ve ever been so jealous.
(The LaserCAMM is a computerized, rapid-prototyping machine.)

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Ohhh @Nimis I want one of those! I’d trade the dog’s ability to sleep anywhere for a LaserCamm.
Note I’m not including the other ability in the deal.

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People unencumbered with incessant thought processes.

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Aren’t you asking about envy rather than jealousy?

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Penis envy? You’re so right Jeruba… makes one confused and delusional.

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I’m jealous of naturally smart people!

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@Bobbilynn – you know, you really shouldn’t be. We’re just normal everyday people like you. But smart.


What I wrote there is so very, very wrong.

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Normal, I think not!

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@Bobbilynn As opposed to unnaturally smart people?

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I envy crazy people who see, hear and interact with their deceased loved ones. I am so jealous of these people who blow a fuse after losing a relative and see them everywhere. I’d give anything to be whacko just like that.

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It’d be nice to have flawless skin. It’d be nice to never be told to “Speak up”. It’d be nice to have a quick wit and a sense of humour that just comes naturally. It’d be nice to always know just what to say (and not the manipulative kind of knowing just what to say, either)! It’d be nice to act appropriately in any given situation and know how I will view myself for making that decision, say, 10 years later. In the end, though? I am envious of people who are actually allowed to date. I wish I could just bring my boyfriend home and introduce him to my parents and have my parents trust my judgment when it comes to my relationships. I’m also envious of people who seem to be able to have sex so easily. Another thing I’m envious of is people who are young who actually are responsible and can afford to live on their own without having to rely on any kind of welfare.

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I would probably have to say jealousy of life experiences. For a very long time I felt that I was deprived of many things during my childhood and felt jealous of others. I no longer feel that way.

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Watching a bf as he sat on a sofa, petting and cuddling his dogs while I sat on a different sofa (we were watching TV). I realized it was second nature for him to do that as he relaxed at home alone but I wanted it to be me he was snuggling and stroking.

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@SeventhSense: Too cute! I get my snuggles and strokes now, just had to jump ahead of the pack and use puppy eyes ;)

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