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A compact camera that does video, or a compact video camera that does still photography?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) June 15th, 2009

My ideal is to have one machine that does both video and still photography. I want it to be small enough to fit in my pocket. I want it to have good optical zoom, maybe wide angle too, HD, large solid state memory, high quality imaging, 8 or more megapixels for still photos. Image stabilization. Good low light capabilities.

Which way should I go? Should I look at cameras that do video? My daughter has one, but the zoom sucks and the video is impossible at a distance (no stabilization). Or should I be looking for a video camera that can take stills? Do they all take stills these days?

Can you suggest any models that might meet my needs? I’d like it to be under $300, if at all possible.

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I think it’s going to be hard to find a quality camera that does all of that for under $300. I would suggest looking at Nikon cameras. They have lots of features, and are very reliable. I’ve had lots of good luck with them in the past. Hope this helps.

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Fuji has some nice ones, I’ve been looking at one that retails at about $225 or so at a local store. The zoom is awesome, and it seems pretty easy to use, and has many great options. It’s a camera that does video. It looks like a darn nice camera.

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I have BOTH types. The video camera only takes 3 mp stills! I think the still camera that does video is the better option UNLESS you want to take LONG videos, then you don’t have much choice but to go with a video that does stills. I have a Canon still camera that does video and I love it.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra For that price, the Fuji looks like a great camera.

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The still quality I’ve seen from digital video cameras isn’t too good, even at the 3mp limit SirBailey mentions. If I had to have only one camera, I would get a still rig that shoots video, and get a big memory card. If you shoot a lot of video, get a pocketful of big memory cards. I have an oldish Canon S1IS that makes pretty good videos, and it does have a stabilizer. Newer Canon P&S cameras should be comparable.

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I’ll echo @SirBailey and @IchtheosaurusRex. In my experience, still cameras that take great stills can also take good HD video (I have a Canon G9). I haven’t seen a great video camera that takes good stills.

It’s also a question of form factor. Are you comfortable shooting motion holding a still camera? To me it seems like a natural posture. I’m not comfortable taking stills with a video camera. Maybe that’s because my roots are primarily in stills.

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Thanks for the advice. I did choose to get a still—Nikon Coolpix S630. It has image stabilization, which I hope is good enough for the kinds of situations I find myself in (far from kids doing performances, so when I zoom in, the frame jumps around all over the place). My daughter’s camera is the one we’ve been using, so that’s where I’ve experienced these problems.

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But one caveat. A video camera will take better quality VIDEO then the still camera will.

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