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When transporting snowboards on a car roof rack do you face the boards up or down?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) December 29th, 2007

seems like they make less noise facing down…

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It would likely be best to have the bottoms facing upwards if you’re placing them directly on the rack itself. We generally have them in a hard case that holds a few boards which is worth the investment should your boards decide to launch off the top of your car (sadly happened to us once).

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my friends and i usually have the boards bindings-up due to clearance issues with them being bindings-down, but due to the shape of the board i think it would provide less lift and therefore be less likely to create enough upward force to break out of a typical ski rack if the board was bindings-down. think about it like a sheet of paper, if you fold one side about an inch from the edge, and blow under the upturned edge, the paper lifts off the table, flip it over and do the same thing the paper stays down.

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