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The last day of school! What did you do?

Asked by bythebay (8113points) June 15th, 2009

Remember the last day of school? Summer was knocking on the door, your friends were scattering for the summer, you were excited and even a little fearful. What are your memories of those last days? Did you do something special, did your friends or family? If you have kids, do you do something fun for them?

One of my favorite memories is of walking home with my friend, Amy, after 6th grade. I never got to walk home so that was an event in itself. When we got to her house, her Mom had the sprinkler going and a cooler full of sodas and popsicles. It was a small slice of wonderful!

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When I was in grade school my Dad would always pick me up from school and we’d walk back to his office at UIC where either I’d pretend I, too, worked in the Audio Visual department, or we’d go home early. But the best part, by far was taking a quick walk to this Italian Beef restaurant, Carm’s where he’d buy me an Italian ice. This became such a tradition that we went after my high school graduation, and I suprised him on his last day before retirement and walked him to Carm’s. I love that place.

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Start praying my report card is not going to get my arse red with the belt…..
What can I say, it was always tanned….:D
But the beach and the new friends from up country was really what made the Summer vacations GREAT..:)

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I can’t remember, it must not have been important.

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What did I do? I left.

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Well I wore a mini skirt and I spegetti strap! And then I got in trouble for kicking this one kid! LOL

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Now I remember, I got kicked by some chick in a mini skirt and spegetti strap…..I’d like to run into her AGAIN!

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Up until high school it was great. Then there are those things called exams.

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Went into town with my friends and bought a new top then went home and had tea!! When I finished college exams though I got wasted!!! Then threw up! Not pleasant!

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We had graduation practice, in the middle of the day, and at the highest level o heat and humidity know to mankind. We had to wear “dress’ clothes and stand there forever.

Later, we were supposed to have a bonfire, but the principal canceled it because of too many issues during practice. The next day – lots of fun! and I left for the beach!!

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I remember in middle school and below every last day of school was just for fun; we didn’t do any work. We cleaned out the classroom, cleaned out the lockers, and did fun stuff like play Twister in the middle of the hallway (7th grade). Also that year, someone started hugging people and we all copied her and hugged as many people as we could. That was awesome. 8th grade was a little different because we had a last day of school and then we had to come back the next day for graduation and that night we had a dance and everything. But on that day before graduation I went to a pool party and got shoved in the pool fully-clothed. I got revenge for that…fuck yeah.

In high school, I would always go out to lunch with a group of people afterward because it was always a short day that ended around 12:30.

Back when I used to live in Vegas, the last day of school was always hot hot hot. The janitors would turn on the sprinklers at the school and we would run around in them…haha…good times…

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This Summer break I walked with my friends and we each walked to our houses but I took the really long way which takes like an hour just so I could walk with them. When we all got home we did whatever then later that day we went to this arcade place and had sooo much fun then right after that we went to this awesome geocache and introduced my friend to it and then they all realized I’m younger than all of them. Then we went to Hastings and played rock band kinda then we had a keyboard battle and it was night by that time so we just went home.

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My favorite last day of school was when it was immediately followed by me and my friends going bungee jumping. That was pure win.

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When I was a kid the last day of school generally meant that the packers were coming within the week, followed shortly by the movers, so I had to start throwing out the things I didn’t want to move. I also had to keep my room clean for the realtors. Otherwise it meant I could read all day, swim (depending on where we lived it would be in a community pool, the ocean, or a private pool), mess about in boats, and get ready for camp.

My daughter always has plenty of things planned with friends and church and getting ready for camp so she tends to turn invisible once school ends. My son just sits on the couch and moans at me, saying he is bored.

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@Darwin packers and movers! Something I remember, not so fondly, but I do remember all 13 times. Some of those were better than others.

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@cak Yes, some were better than others, but all were an adventure.

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My parents and aunties and uncles would have the campers and pop-ups hitched to the backs of the pickups, idling in the school parking lot, waiting for the last bell to ring, so we would not waste a minute of their precious time off from work. That was the best feeling in the world, running out the door and piling in the trucks with my cousins, barely taking the time to wave goodbye to our classmates. Camping was the shit. We were the luckiest kids ever.

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I just remember being happy that school was out and a little sad that I wouldn’t see my friends everyday for a couple months. I went to a small school in a very small town and most of us lived out in the country with not many neighbors. When I was in high school I remember being happy that I could work more and stay out later. I don’t really have a specific memory of any last day of school though.

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this year, i went home to get ready to go to my best friend’s graduation. i’ve known her since i was about 3, and she was 4, so it was kind of strange to watch her graduate high school. went to dinner afterward with her parents and my mum, and then slept over her house that night.

—also, i totally cried when i walked out of my psych class. i miss it/my teacher so so much. ): he’ll still be in the school next year, but i won’t be in any of his classes. and there’s no psych II there.—

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What did I do this year? Nothing but sleep. All day. Felt better than anything else I could have possibly done.

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I had the biggest party w/ everyone in the high school that i knew!

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Buy a fish on the market, wrap it in a bag, get detention, open the cover of an emergency exit light, put the fish in it, close the cover.
Emergency exit lights always stay on, holiday or not.. They’ll get a BIG surprise and add to weeks extra at the end of the holiday. It really takes two weeks for the smell to disappear.. It was awesome.
Oh and I had sex in the school bathroom while drinking vodka.. I wish I was that young again!

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at the end of Y10 (age 15) I made some evil brew of 20cl vodka, with ganja and crushed Morning Glory seeds (contain LSA, similar to LSD) dissolved & filtered.

I had it stewing for a couple of weeks and I drank it at lunch on the last day.

It was an… interesting afternoon.

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go clubbing.

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