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What would you suggest as an alternative name for this site? (Let's keep it clean!<grin>)

Asked by LexWordsmith (964points) June 15th, 2009

The only thing that the site name suggests to me is “flustered and bothered.” It doesn’t in any way suggest to me a Q-and-A community, and it seems to me that it would take a while to explain to someone not in the know why the name represents what goes on here and how it represents our community identity. I suggest, on the basis of the site’s apparent totem animal, that the name be changed to “Intellyfish.”

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I like being a tad incognito

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Personally, I assumed the website was full of jellyfish.
I assumed correctly, of course.

Perhaps it suggests our users sting with their biting wit?

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We seem to be doing extremely well with the name we have. I don’t see a problem that needs solving.

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dot com

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