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Which is better a Disney Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard beach?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) June 15th, 2009

Im going to Florida with my family and Were planning on buying the Universal Studios Flex ticket but they don’t include Disney parks. So Im going to select Disney Hollywood studios and i dont know which other water park to choose. Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

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Blizzard Beach has the water park rides; Typhoon Lagoon is a place younger kids can go. There is a wave pool, tube rivers, and the like. I liked it. Just my speed! Don’t they have web sites?

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Yeah but they simply show some videos that show certain things. I think blizzard beach is way better

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BB is more theme-driven, and has longer water slides = scarier. TL has a bigger pool area and the shark/manta area. They are both great, but my kids, 12 & 14, like BB better.

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@Emelo123, yeah, if you like the water park rides, that IS the place to go.

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Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach both have a whole host of adult- and kiddie-attractions. They are both whole, complete water parks unto themselves. Each has a distinct theme, and each has its own rides and attractions.

Blizzard Beach is themed to be Florida’s first ski resort (due to a freak snowstorm) that melted when temperatures returned to normal. You will see references to snow, ice, Christmas time, skiing, sledding, etc.

Typhoon Lagoon is themed to be a tropical island paradise that was hit by a tropical storm. You will see a giant shipwreck on the mountain (Mount Mayday), remnants of a fruit-washing plant, etc.

Blizzard Beach boasts a huge body-slide called Summit Plummet. A near vertical drop will take you about 55mph on your way down – it even has a spedometer to measure your speed at the bottom, and in keeping with the theme, you take a chair lift to the top.

Typhoon Lagoon has a huge surf pool that produces 6 foot waves every 90 seconds. (In contrast, BB’s wave pool is calm “bobbing” waves, less than a foot high). Typhoon Lagoon is also the home of Shark Reef, where you can swim with salt water fish and other marine animals. It also is where you can find Crush & Gusher, a series of three water-coasters, with jets of water powerful enough to propell you up hill in addition to the normal descents of waterslides.

Both parks have a lazy-river that circles the entire park, and has multiple entrances and exits (so you can use it has a means of transportation). Both parks have a kiddie play area for the little ones. Both parks have both body slides and tube slides (though I think BB has more body and TL more tube).

I personally enjoy Typhoon Lagoon significantly more than Blizzard Beach. I love the surf pool, in which I could spend a few hours easily, and Crush & Gusher is a lot of fun if you get there early in the morning before the lines build. Plus Summit Plummet has a tendency to hurt my back, so I won’t do it more than once a day.

For more information, check out’s page on the two parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon

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Blizzard Beach was way more fun than Typhoon Lagoon when I went with my family.

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Which only goes to show you – tastes differ, and you should clearly go to both. :-)

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I have a dumb story about Typhoon Lagoon. I was in the wave pool, sitting over on the side, with very little of my back and shoulders exposed to the sun. I wasn’t in long. I did NOT use suntan lotion – didn’t think I needed. Duh! That night I had such a case of sunburn and I was in such pain, I could not sleep. It ruined the rest of the vacation. Don’t let it happen to you!

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