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I'm learning photo journalism to illustrate my writing. Have any ideas for me how to do that?

Asked by An8el (39points) June 15th, 2009
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How to learn photo journalism?

Photography is an art. Treat it as such in regard to artistic elements like composition, line, balance, etc…

By the wording of the question, it sounds like you’re already well versed with writing.

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Why would you feel that you need to learn photojournalism rather than photography? If your primary reason is to illustrate existing writing, then you need to become an adept photographer. Photojournalism is quite a different thing requiring different training, and used for a different purpose.

There are a lot of online resources covering various aspects and levels of competence.

Try this one to start with.

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The best way to learn photography of any type is to take many, many pictures. Seriously take several hundred a day. That’s the best way to learn.

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For photojournalism, the composition of the picture needs to tell a story. You might like this site:

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These are examples that I was hoping to see, PandoraBoxx. Thanks for some tremendous examples of great photojournalism sequences that tell a story. My first livelihood was as an artist, so have plenty experience about what makes a fascinating picture. My challenge is since writing about subjective non-fiction subjects such as Alexander Technique, I am studying the relationship between illustrating concepts, intentions & thoughts with images. It’s much trickier than just taking lots of pics and choosing the “best.” How to illustrate intangible thinking strategies with images that challenge assumptions? Which art can do. Of course, each person sees their own unique quality of response in the images, so that is what is tricky to give definition to consistently. Thanks for the help. More examples?

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