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How is it possible to encrypt a folder containing files?

Asked by bil (20points) June 15th, 2009

I do not want anybody knows the contents of my folders whether they are texts or photos.

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Mac or windows?

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Truecrypt on any OS. Encrypted disk image on Mac.

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I like iDMG for mac. Simple little DMG app.

But Truecrypt is great.

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Of course you realise that everyone is wondering what it is that you need to hide. What sort of photos.

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@DarkScribe Shh… It’s private, you’re not supposed to ask.

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TrueCrypt is a great program to use when you need to hide those naughty porno files. With it you can create a virtual drive (the program calls such virtual drives ‘containers’) which will then be accessible only to those that have the password. In fact, if you’re smart you will bury the ‘container’ file within a large folder (say your music folder) and no one will even know it exists. If someone does happen upon the ‘container’ file, the only discernible info will be its size and whatever name you chose to call it. It’s not marked as encrypted, it’s simply marked as a generic file that Windows doesn’t know what program to use to open. Decide beforehand what size you want the ‘container’ to be, since the method of encryption is the action of placing your files inside the ‘container’. It’s really very easy to use, just be extremely careful not to forget the password since there is no way to recover it.

use this to hide your porn

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