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What kind of cancer do you think you are going to die from?

Asked by alive (2943points) June 15th, 2009

Not everyone dies of cancer, but it seems like once people start getting up there in the years they develop some kind of cancer.

I don’t smoke, but I have always lived in a big city w/pollution, so mine might be lung related. Ovarian and breast cancer seem to be really common in a lot of women. And i don’t wear sunscreen very often so maybe skin cancer.

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My grandpa died of prostate cancer but i’m a girl so I don’t know how that will affect me.

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Lung with a little melanoma thrown in for good measure. I smoke like a stack and hardly ever use sunscreen both stupid choices I know

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sexy cancer. and probably heart disease instead.

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I’d like to think that if I knew the answer to this, I’d try and avoid it.

But sexy cancer does sound like fun.

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I am up there in years, as you so charming describe it, and I am a breast cancer survivor. It will be 14 years this July. I changed the way I eat (no meat or fowl), I exercise regularly, I meditate and greet each day with joy.

My mother is 94 and also a breast cancer survivor. She has other health issues and will no longer have to worry about dying from some form of malignancy.

I agree, having had surgery, chemo and radiation, that smoking and not using sun block are really stupid choices.

Sexy cancer, ie, cervical, uterine, ovarian, colon etc. is not fun

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Won’t matter because I’ll be stepping in front of a train on my way home from the doctors office after he tells me I have cancer.

I’ve seen far too many people painfully and tragically wither away to nothing “fighting” cancer. I know how these stories end.

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im glad people are answering. i thought it might be too off putting

@jeffgodblumsprivatefacilities cancer is pretty hard to avoid. it does not always have to do with your choices, some people’s cells will mutate into cancerous ones and some people’s won’t

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Brain cancer….From overuse. ;-)

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@gailcalled sexy cancer is like what @shilolo said, but not the brain.

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@eponymoushipster If sexy were a virus then you have a disease… ;-) (Note: Some NSFW lyrics in this song).

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@eponymoushipster: Why suddenly mince words? Just say it. And does overuse cause cancer?

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@gailcalled i dunno. ask Dr. @shilolo. he’s the one who brought it up. :)

@shilolo oh, yeah.

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Cancer of the car accident.

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@gailcalled The easy answer to your question is NO. The more convoluted answer is yes. Most cancers that occur de novo are due to the accumulation of mutations within a cell that allows it to grow unrestrained and metastasize. Also, in some rare cases, cancers develop in response to rapid replication of cells, which produce a cancer that then regresses when the stimulus is removed.

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Melanoma or something involving the reproductive system.

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Wow, what a morbid question…

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Lung cancer, if I don’t stop smoking. Maybe even if I do. Or breast cancer because it runs in my family.

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@shilolo: So you are saying, “Use it and lose it”?

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I’m thinking I’ll battle cervical cancer at some point. I’ll just have my bits removed, and hopefully fight it.

I just told my husband the other day that I’ll probably die of cancer. (or complications of it) I’m thinking breast, ovarian or bowel.
My husband will unfortunately suffer heart disease :( :(

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@eponymoushipster I’ve never seen a case of forearm cancer, but I guess there is a first time for everything. :P

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@shilolo nice. if i ever find out, i’ll let you know. but i rarely pay the same girl twice.

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What is this, “The Power of Negative Imagery to die prematurely thread”?
I predict I will die simultaneously with my lover while having an outerbody mind blowing orgasm.
They’ll peel us apart with frozen smiles on our faces.:)

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I don’t necessarily think that I will die of cancer, but if I had to choose one it would be colon cancer. I like most of the foods that are bad for you (as of today) and are said to cause cancer and I figure the colon is a good meeting spot for all of them to do their damage.

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LOL This thread is funny.
Ummmm, I choose death by Killer African bees

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Oh no @SeventhSense. Noooo!!! That is one of my worst fears.

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I’d rather not ponder such a depressing subject. I do agree that stepping in front of train would end the whole fighting cancer and dying anyway a wasted individual while making the hospitals rich.

/happy thoughts.

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It could be worse. You could be covered with honey and eaten by fire ants while tied to a stake in the African sun.

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Bees are worse. It’s a phobia.

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Haven’t you ever seen Jerry Seinfeld in Bees?

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I sure hope not to die of it, but I’d bet money that I’ll develop skin cancer some day. Super fair skinned, red haired, and it runs in the family. Not to mention the very severe sunburns I suffered when I was little. Ouch.

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Lung…...hands down.

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Happy thoughts…?
I’m not going to die of cancer.

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See the dermatologist routinely every year and have him remove the precancerous lesions with a spritz of nitrous oxygen. If you are fair-skinned and have had bad burns, it is particularly important.

Lung cancer leads to a particularly horrible death.

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@gailcalled My grandfather died from stomach cancer. Very painful and not sexy.

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@gymnastchick729 sure, you could be walking down the sidewalk, worried about what kind of cancer will kill you, step off the curb and be run down by a speeding crosstown bus. Happens more often than people think. That’s how a friend of mine was recently killed. it was a SUV, and I doubt he was pondering what cancer was going to get him, but pretty much the same scenario.

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So many feel that Cancer will kill them, when in reality, the chances of dying in a car accident, plane crash, murder are equal in the percentages.

My mom had uterine cancer, but that’s not what she died from. She was cured, but died in her sleep some 11 years later at 83.

Cancer can and may be an underlying sympton, but I’ll go with a heart attach while getting chased around the bedroom by hubby.

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@Skippy Your data are a bit off. The odds of dying in the US are greatest for heart disease, followed closely by cancer. Both of these figures are greatly exacerbated by smoking (meaning, if you smoke, your likelihood of developing heart disease, lung disease, stroke and cancer go way up). As it stands right now, accidental deaths are 5th on the list.

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Plane crash and car accident are equal?
perhaps at the Automobile Safety Comission’s annual meeting ~_~
But truth be told,
A death by motor vehicle is the #1 cause of accidental death in this country.
Plane crashes aren’t even in the top 10. But when they happen they just seem more dramatic. It’s big news when 200 people are killed in a plane crash. The thousands who get killed in car crashes each week are simply statistics.

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OK OK GEEZE I was trying to generalize.

It seems all I hear “I am dying of cancer” Everywhere you turn. Anymore, it seems that cancer is the number 1 killer and you can’t/won’t die of anything or anyway else.

You’re all correct, many other ways to die, but why is it everyone thinks they will die from Cancer?

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