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Is it really a big deal of someone answers an easily researchable question?

Asked by Supacase (14558points) June 15th, 2009

Isn’t it beneficial to “the collective”? Others learn from it even if the answer can be readily found online. I have learned several things from questions other people have asked here that I never would have thought to look up.

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It depends on the question, but generally no. I thoroughly enjoy the collective and all of its wisdom. That, and most of the answers to those questions are often good for a laugh. So I say go ahead and ask your questions. But I just might poke fun at you.

Plus, they beat troll/relationship questions.

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Easily researchable/googleable questions used to be frowned upon here. That is no longer the case, per our Founders, but not all members have gotten the message yet.

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I have always been of the mind that this environment provides a more interactive, personal and adaptive solution.

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I’m okay with those questions. Maybe here on Fluther more original answers will come up… if I feel like answering I will otherwise I move on. I won’t go and say “hey why don’t you google that”, that would be silly I think.

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I hate the questions. Some are OK if the answers can be refined to make something complicated into something everyone can understand. But I don’t miss the days of two “Why is the sky blue?” questions everyday.

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I enjoy the subjective experience of various answers from various users. This differs from the objective found while searching and googling. I think many times people ask to get just that, the variety. I also have found that many questions which seem searchable are in fact hard to find. Anyhow. I don’t mind.

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I don’t mind. I mean sometimes a person has a good reason to ask here instead of googling, who am I to judge them.

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I don’t like seeing them, but apparently it isn’t against the guidelines. Sometimes I wonder if the asker just doesn’t know how to find the appropriate keyword to find their answer.

Over the past few years, the search engines are flooded with answers from the Q & A sites anyway, so that’s mostly what you will find there. It’s nearly impossible to sift through them to find a responsible “expert” or “authority” so you might as well ask here.

It says right at the top of the page that we’re all experts here. Ask away.

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It’s annoying sometimes, but then everything is easily searchable. Ever since I’ve been on this site I haven’t asked one single question. If I need to know something I reflexively google it, look it up on wikipedia, or for something specific that doesn’t require just facts I’ll search specialized forums. So I never need to ask anything on Fluther. But if everyone did the same thing there wouldn’t be a Fluther, so you can’t be too strict on this rule.

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To most people it’s not a big deal.

Surprised to see @YARNLADY answer that way since she reamed me for asking such a question about my Blackberry. Her answer was basically “Google it” or “Read your manual”. An answer that didn’t belong on Fluther. Glad to see you’ve changed your thinking now though.

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I’m a little annoyed when I see the same question asked a few days in a row. I understand that newbies don’t necessarily understand they can research their questions first. Still, I’d like to see people at least attempt to give a different take on a question.

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@BBSDTfamily I was privately reprimanded by the Fluther Gods. I’m good now

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@YARNLADY I am glad you’re back in business in Flutherland! Lol! We all get a little bit like that sometimes!

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if it’s easily researchable, why ask? fluther’s intent is not to replace google. or yahoo answers.

i’ve understood fluther more or less since the first night i walked in. yahoo answers is where i go to get answers for my chemistry homework, fluther is where i go to get insight and intelligent questions.

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