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What happens when I delete my fluther account?

Asked by St.George (5855points) June 15th, 2009

Will all the answers to questions be deleted too? Will there be a record of my ever being a member? Just curious.

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You die in real life!

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[mod says] All of your questions and answers will remain. Only your profile dies.

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@augustlan There’s no way to delete Qs and As?

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Can you delete it? @deaddolly just left without deleting hers. Her description says it all.

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i believe the universe folds in on itself and you kill a puppy.

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[mod says] Questions and answers remain; your contributions belong to everyone and stay around to help other people in the future.

This is particularly true of questions; you would essentially be removing a whole host of helpful answers that people have put time and effort into.

This said, if you have a really convincing reason for wanting to have a something specific removed, you can email sitemods (at) fluther (dot) com and we’ll discuss it with you.

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@Randy Back when deaddolly left, deleting your account wasn’t an option. It’s a fairly recent addition.

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I masturbate every time someone deletes an account.

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@johnpowell i thought that was every time someone comments?

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@augustlan Ah, that makes sense.

@eponymoushipster No, that one is me.

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@Randy You can delete your account using the link at Be aware that this is essentially a one-way street. Your profile will show a “page not found”, but your activity will still be visible throughout the site.

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@richardhenry Good to know. Thanks.

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Speaking of Flutherers leaving – whatever happened to @lynneblundell.?

I was just thinking about her.

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@cprevite she was just on the other day.

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Oh cool.

I’ll go look. Thanks.

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We offer a sacrifice to the fluther gods. Wishing you a safe, but terribly long journey! (insert evil laugh here)

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Why would you want too?

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A great sadness will cloud over the entire collective.


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You will get a Kick me I am stupid sign on your back

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Well, if you decide to come back again you can’t use the same email address…....

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You can come back again if you make a good case to Bendrew.

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