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Have 2001 ford explorer purchased 5/2008 and have just been told it must have ball joints replaced at a cost of $1000 any ideas what it should cost?

Asked by cynthianrm (1points) June 15th, 2009
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Suspensions can be pricey. Could be worse.

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Shop around. Get at least two more estimates before agreeing to anything, and BTW, let the shop you take it to diagnose the problem; don’t just call XYZ Auto Service and tell them “I need ball joints.” You might not. Dishonest auto repair shops are endemic. If the shop that’s threatening you with a $1K repair has your car right now, they may tell you it’s unsafe to drive. That’s a red flag. Get it the hell out of there while you still have a nickel in your pocket.

Ask around for a good independent shop. Find out from neighbors or co-workers who have had work done. A good shop will:

Be tidy and have the latest tools and diagnostic equipment
Tell you the price of repairs up front
Get the repair right the first time
Use the right parts for your car, e.g., if you have a Ford, they should use Ford parts.

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Yes there’s really no substitute for a competent mechanic who you can trust. I consistently give my business to an outstanding mechanic. I am all about rewarding a good relationship and it just makes good business sense.

If a trustworthy mechanic knows you’re a good customer, he’s more apt to do nice things like give you parts at cost or charging you less than book for labor. That’s not to say I won’t keep him on his toes by using his competition for routine things like brakes, tires and oil changes but he’s got my back and I’ve been around enough to know.

Though, I also think it’s bad form for your local community economy to always chase the bottom line price. Eventually you may find that “great price” and find a replacement part not even replaced or a patch job when it needed an overhaul. Being shrewd is one thing but being unintelligent or uninformed and “getting what you paid for” is another. And there are really two choices in the car game:
a. New car- Car loan/lease payment
b. Used Car- repair payment
Either way, we pay. Best of Luck

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