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What names were you called as a kid?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14611points) June 15th, 2009

I bet you remember a few.

I knew a kid who made it his sole point in kindergarten, to come up with newer and meaner names for me every day. Fun guy. Funny how memory works. Little details leave you but some stand right out.

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four eyes and flaca

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Billy, I hated that.

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Badass. I got used to it pretty easily.

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I don’t remember any names being thrown at me maliciously. I’d have friends call me things like “shorty”, “smallfry”, “little dude”, “little buddy”, and anything else they could think of that referenced the fact that I was small…lol. (I still get those nicknames). None of that bothered me, though. As for nicknames for my own name, people call me “Dom”. I like it. :)

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My name is Beth and for some reason my dad always called me Beef. He still does. When Garbage Pail Kids were really popular there was one called Bad Breath Seth and some kids on the bus would call me Bad Breath Beth.

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Puffin Fresh…
i was a fat kid and was on the bus home in highschool when some guy tried getting my attention, and ended up calling out ‘Puffin Fresh’ loudly,the whole bus became hysterical and i was called that for the rest of the time i was at the school…
(Puffin Fresh is a Doughnut Shop)
Another great one i never seemed to live down was by my sister who mercilessly called me ‘Fat Cat with NO Friends’ until i was big enough to shut her up… :)

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Boobie Bobbi

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Beth (I hate that name. I also hate that people still call me that), fat, nigger…those are the only ones that stand out.

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I was usually just called by my name, Riana, or Nana.
My dad occasionally referred to me as “Bean.”
He made a rap about it..
I also first learned “Oh, Christmas Tree” as “Oh, Debit Tree,” due to my father’s wacky lyrical antics.

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“A man, duh!” And then I turned out to be genderqueer. Go figure.

That was the only one that was supposed to be mean/annoying. My Dad called me “Bug” sometimes (short for Doodlebug) and just about everyone else called me “Bean” (which is also how I always thought of myself, and it’s why when I renamed myself I chose MacBean as my last name).

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i was Chuck the Duck.

Stop laughing!

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Bubblebutt, Bean, Beaner, Missy Jean and Sare were the most common. There were no mean ones. (No, I am not Mexican and no, “Beaner” was not meant in a derogatory manner.)

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Little Bit (of nothing).

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Until high school I was known as a bully so I was never called any names. But in my first HS year I made the mistake of saying I liked to read books and a girl walked up to me and called me a very very bad word: intellectual. It took me a while to get rid of this label.

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I was lucky not to have any nicknames at school that I considered cruel or offensive. One of my friends used to call me Yan because her sister had the same first name as me (Leanne) and as a baby couldn’t pronouce it so it would come out as Yan. Yan soon turned into Yannie. Can’t say I loved that name but I suppose it’s kind of endearing.

My dad always called me either Princess or Fruitcake (he still calls me both).

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“Dog.” I got called that because I wasn’t pretty. It hurt and affected my self image (duh). Eventually, when people called me a dog, I just barked at them.

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@suzyq2463 I remember walking past a group of girls (who made my life hell for 3 years after this event) and them instantly singing “who let the dogs out?”. I don’t know why they chose me that day but they continued to do spiteful things to me (for no reason that I am aware of). Bitches.

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When I was very small, my aunties called me Bird Legs, because my mommy always used to dress me in fancy lacy poofy things with crinolins underneath, patent leather shoes, lacy socks. The entire princess ensemble became comical with my skinny little legs sticking out.

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At home, I was called Lazy Heifer, Good-for-nothing, Selfish, Stubborn and Missy (as in, “Listen here, missy…!”), which was the general nickname. Not until a few years ago did I even realize that these names reflected one person’s opinion and not the universal facts about myself. I was called by my given name everywhere else, no nicknames. I wouldn’t respond to any other name.

Mean people (who suck, BTW) have called me half-breed (Thanks, Cher!), zebra, Oreo, half-white bitch, nigger, and ghetto trash (but that I easily ignored. That was by some rich chick from my high school who was angry that her brother asked me to his senior prom and not her airheaded BFF).

The worst, though, was being called “An abomination in the sight of God.” That one was by a bona fide Nazi when I was in 2nd grade. I had the gall, you see, of being a mixed-race child desegregating her local elementary school. Milwaukee was a little slow on the Brown vs. the Board Education uptake, so this was in 1976.

Why, if the black people went to school with their kids, then obviously their daughters were going to grow up and marry black men with whom they would have children who looked like me. ”This is what we’re trying to prevent!” she said to the local news cameras while pointing at me. When I think of how utterly adorable I was then, the adult me wants to find that old battleax and punch her in the mouth.

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@aprilsimnel I’d punch that bitch in the mouth too…

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my step father used to call me niblet

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Small eyed kid
China-Maka-Hay(it was a part of a calypso song about asians _”)

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Jew-girl, Jolly Green Giant, Wigger, Sally Jesse (I rocked some serious purple glasses), “Master” (the small handful of you who know my last name might get a kick outta that one…)

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Cross-eyed, people were mean.

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I never really had any mean nicknames, thankfully. This one kid in 4th grade called me Walrus because my midle name is Wallace. My mom calls me Mouse, Katermouse, and occassionally Katie (she’s the only one allowed to do that). My aunt calls me Miss Mouse and I have a friend at schol who calls me Katers, which I think is very cute. I play cards with a guy who calls me The Wallace Woman because he is so impressed that I’m related to William Wallace.

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I was generally popular, so I was only called “four-eyes” on rare occasions, and by friends who really didn’t mean it in a nasty way. My nickname for most of my childhood was “bullet” because I was extremely fast, as well as “jaguar” which was due to a football team I created. I liked the latter, so I used it as a stage name when I started singing and did my first radio shows.

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I was a chubby kid. My first “boyfriend’s” brother dubbed me Cowbelly in 7th grade – which my best friend thought was hilarious. Bitch.

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Since my name’s Dean, it was always stuff like Deano Dinosaur, DeantheBean, Deano, and the list goes on.

For me though, it wasn’t the names that bothered me, it was that the people calling me them always thought they were the first ones, always thought they were so creative.

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Mutt, boney-maroney, twig.

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