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Where are you?

Asked by breedmitch (12151points) December 29th, 2007

I know I’ve asked before, but it seems like we have a plethora (or a fluther) of new jellies since right before the holidays and they are giving great answers. I’d like to know where they are located. Old timers feel free to answer too.

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For the record, here’s the old questions:

Maybe we need a cloud style thing of where we’re from? lol

I’m still from South Carolina

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Still in Louisiana

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Still in NJ—although i am commuting to NYC almost every weekend

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(I think the fast responses of us three, just go to show that we all stay up a little too late)

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good to see the “old guard” is vigilant.

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I flit back and forth between the SF Bay Area and Chicago. Chicago most of the time, Bay Area born and raised.

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I live in CT but am currently in San Francisco. I also spend lots of time in Israel (mainly Jerusalem).

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Berkeley, California

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The Netherlands too, here. As in: outside the US (I take it all those names mentioned before are cities/states in the US?).

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Australia. anti-whaling ftw…

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mississippi delta here

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Eugene, Oregon.

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San Francisco, CA

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Melbourne, VIC

(Seeing as everyone seems to only say their city and state!)

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Hong Kong!!

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Long Island, New York, USA

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New Jersey – I be new to the site. =]

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Rural farm and cow country – central eastern New York State, USA, south of Albany, NY.

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no other midwesterners? columbus, ohio

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Bloomington, Indiana. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck in the Midwest :P

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San Diego, CA and Part time in Mesa AZ. USA

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Sweet Olympia

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Reminds me about this question “How old are you?” where everybody just posts 2 numbers. LOL

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Durham, NC

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I’m in bed.

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Perhaps I’m the first norwegian member here?

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Northern Minnesota. Northern enough to go to Canada just for Tim Horton’s.

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