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Anyone else having this problem?

Asked by mangeons (12256points) June 16th, 2009

The home page of Fluther is all screwy on my computer. Is this happening to anyone else? :(

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Not me. Sorry.

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View the Fluther home page, hold the shift key, and click refresh. This will empty your cache and re-download the page and associated media from scratch.

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@richardhenry is the all-knowing god of this answer. I feel like i’ve seen it posted by you a few times. I feel like I can basically count on you to reassure me that fluther is not, in fact, broken and I can stop having a panic attack about it. :)

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Thank you so much, @richardhenry! The method you said didn’t work (Shift+refresh) but I know another way to clear my cache, and it worked! Thanks!!!

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@mangeons What browser are you using?

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Definitely Firefox, not sure of the version. 3.0, I think.

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Not happening to me, but I’m sleepy, I’d rather have a crazy Fluther homepage.

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