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Where do you go on fridays after work?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) June 16th, 2009

for those of us who have weekends or even jobs, you go somewhere while the proverbial eagle flies on friday. i go to my part-time job, but would love to go out for dinner and a movie or vice versa or even hang out in a cool jazz club.

when i was in college, we’d go to “the woodlawn tap” or “jimmy’s” as it’s popularly know. a seedy but trendy tavern in hyde park chicago. the best grilled cheese and fries and the coldest “red stripe” beer before the Jamaican pilsner was cool to drink.

where do you end up on friday nights? a club? a fave restaurant? home? another job?

do you have a life?

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Funny, I used to go to Jimmy’s. In Northern Virginia. But not a lot.

I actually prefer to go home, read a book, play with my dog, have friends over, go to a friends house or waste my life on video games. I can be quite the homebody.

That being said, it’s pretty erratic. I could go to a bar, mini golf, or this week an adult slumber party, next week I’m apparently going on a scavenger hunt with friends if plans hold together..

So… really – fuck if I know.

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@asmonet hmmmmmmmm, adult slumber party. sounds nice

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I usually work late, then come home and sit on the front porch and watch the neighborhood go by.

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I either go hang out with a friend at her house and smoke or go out with coworkers. Usually later that night, I’ll go see a guy I’ve kinda been seeing, but he’s in a bunch of shit with me right now, so that’s on hold.

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@Tits: Tell the guy that you can’t see him right now since you are attending remedial Kissing 101.

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I work during the day then go to work, or go home after work.

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Either go out for a few drinks with my girl (check out some live music), or head over to my girl’s and we sample gin/tonics, smoke and hang out on the beach.

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I go downstairs and cook dinner.

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@Darwin i love cooking on friday nights. the menu can be so exotic on that day for some reason.

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From my study to the kitchen and then the dining room. I work at home on Fridays. If I worked at the office, though, the answer would be about the same: home.

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Home, do yard work or play with the dogs.

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I usually work until 11 on Friday nights, so I usually go home or go to IHOP with some of the girls I work with and have some coffee. If I do go out, which isn’t often I go on Saturday because that’s when everyone else wants to go to the bar to sing Karaoke. I personally hate Karaoke, but once I have a couple rum and cokes, it’s alright.

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I work as a singer on Fridays, get off around 2–3am, so I just go home and sleep after that.

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i don’t really have a life. haha.
not in this dinky town.
so friday’s is usually spent at a house party or just chillin at home doing a whole lot of nothing.
hopefully things’ll change once i move up to the city.
but i don’t think the change will be too drastic.
i’ll be going to school and prolly be staying up late to finish homework… =/

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i don’t work…

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@cyndihugs – But you must go somewhere on Fridays, yes? As I said above, I go downstairs and cook dinner. But then I do that most evenings. And you must do something that could be considered work, whether Algebra or cleaning or thinking of the answers to philosophical questions.

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i sweap…clean my room, eat , heat up the tortillas, eat, read, eat, take a shower, go to bed….sometimes i go to my friend’s house or go out :))

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See? There you go.

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