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How can I quickly heal a sprained ankle?

Asked by dillonwaldo (1points) June 16th, 2009

I’m looking to do it within 1–2 weeks. I also want to strengthen the ankle. Not looking to do RICE (it takes too long)

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Put an ace bandage on it, and ice if there is swelling. Other than that, all you can do is stay off your foot, put your foot up, and get some rest.

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It depends on the severity of the sprain and your body. I have skateboarded for 20+ years and have had so many of them. I was usually good to go after about a week.

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It depends on the severity of the sprain. Some sprains can be worse than a broken bone. Trust me, I know, I’m about to have surgery for complications from a sprain.


Read the RICE advice, it will give you the best tips on how to treat a sprain.

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Wow, @cak, I posted all of that in my first answer, and I didn’t even know about that “RICE” thing. Good job! C:

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Rotate between hot and cold (5–10 min each), keep it elevated, and avoid walking on it as much as possible (don’t be a hero, use crutches).

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I sprained an ankle and did everything they said to do. They told me it would take about a week. After months of walking on it (and it still hurting) turns out it was broken and I had to have surgery on it. Now I have complications from the surgery.

There is no event (short of your wedding and you are the bride and even that’s iffy) that you need to try and rush a healing process that will take as long as it takes.

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@Kayak8 is right, try all the things we have suggested but if your ankle still hurts don’t rush it.

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get yourself some physical therapy if you can
massage the area where it hurts
put heat
do resistance band exersizes
do balancing exersizes

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Here’s what you can do to take the pain out of it. Get a brown paper grocery bag, cut it into about 4 inch strips and soak a couple in plain vinegar or whatever kind you have, we use just white vinegar. Wrap it around your ankle and foot like it were an ace bandage not too tight and put a sock on your foot. Let the vinegar dry. I usually will do this before bed and sleep with it all night. I dunno what it does for healing, but it will take the pain out and maybe you can work on strengthening it with little or no pain. My hillbilly great grandma taught this to my grandma and I’ve used it many times on my bad ankle that I sprain from time to time.

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@mangeons thanks! After all my sprains, dings and dents to bones…unfortunately, I am used to this advice!

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