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Does Zicam work for you?

Asked by vanguardian (845points) December 30th, 2007 from iPhone

Just curious to see if users of Zicam actually see a difference. I use the gel and it cuts my time down in half. Is it in my head? Usually stuff like this is like snake oil.

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I use it when I feel a cold coming on and it has definitely worked for me. I use the gel as well. Another great one is “Airborne.” Same concept, similar results.

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I’ve used the swabs and they worked for me, the sooner the better.

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I’ll admit I was a skeptic. But, I was spending several days at some friends’ house and arrived with a beginning whopper of a cold. Normally, for me, a cold gets really severe over the course of two days resulting in terrible nasal stuffiness and chest congestion, and then takes another three days to go away. My friends graciously offered to let the sick boy stay and gave me some Zicam. I think, in general, cold remedies are worthless or more unpleasant than the symptoms, but to my immense surprise, the cold did not progress as it usually does and the symptoms were gone in 24 hours. Despite this experience, I was still skeptical, but have had two subsequent similar experiences. I’m sold! It works for me!

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