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Will my dog find her way home?

Asked by susanlazarus (3points) June 16th, 2009

Monday afternoon, my wonderful large Airedale got out of the fence with one of our other dogs. My dog, Mame, can jump the fence and then will sit in the front yard, not run off. The other dog takes off, Mame follows. Both have ID’s, have posted with photo on Craigslist in city, checked shelters and animal control. Just feel such a VOID. This dog sleeps with me, when I let out a big sigh while sleeping, she does the same thing. She is always with me, except when outside, but I keep her in most of the time. We go on walks, etc. A great dog. I am just sick. Any stories of dogs coming home after more than 24 hours?

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Ask around and get everyone to keep an eye out for your dog. I hope she comes back soon. I’d be sick if my dog ran off. Fortunately, she is very well trained not to leave the yard, but all it takes is one crazy squirrel to lead her off.

We had a cat get out in a snowstorm and come back after three days, so there’s hope for your dog.

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There are many stories of dogs who find their way home despite extraordinary circumstances. Some have traveled remarkable distances. Print out what ever posters you can. Missing pets never travel far.

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I once took a husky home with me, who was out wandering the streets. He was so beautiful and reminded me of the husky I used to have. I could not bear the thought that this dog may not find it’s way home or that it was being missed, so I made it my mission to keep it at home until I contacted the owner.

I called the number and left a message with the owner, explaining that I’d taken their dog in and would keep it for them, until they were able to come pick it up. Two days later I got a frantic call saying they’d been out everywhere looking and hadn’t checked their messages. She came over that very morning and wanted to give me money for my effort, but I refused, saying reuniting them was enough for me.

Hopefully someone calls you, or your dog finds its way home. Don’t give up too soon, you never know. I feel your pain and I wish you and your dog the best of luck.

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Absolutely. If your dog doesn’t get picked up by someone or hit by a car (Heaven forbid) then she will most likely make her way back home. Dogs have a pretty good sense of direction.

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Place a wanted to buy ad but don’t give your address. If possible use a friend’s address some miles away. Someone might decide to sell an Airedale.

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Call local veterinarians, too. is another resource to post a missing dog. Online classifieds for your local papers, too – some of them will allow you to post for free.

Post signs at local gas stations, as well.

I want to say yes, the dog can find his way home; however, I don’t know how often you have walked your dog and how often she has been made aware of his surroundings.

Has she done this before and returned? Does she have a microchip?

I hope she returns soon!

Does she have a microchip?

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so so sorry to hear this… I have a weimaraner, Gertrude, who shadows my every move—and cannot imagine how painful this must feel.

Please don’t give up hope, and maybe try @DarkScribe‘s suggestion if she doesn’t return in the next few days. Also, how about taking Mame for a walk around the neighborhood either late at night or near dawn and repeatedly say, “Find (other dog’s name)”. You’d be surprised how intuitive dogs are, especially with other pack members.

I had a cat, Ty, return after several months while living in Providence, RI. I’ll never forget that morning…

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My bull mastif ran away once – bowled me right over and hightailed it out the front door! We found him a week later, in the next town, dirty, scruffy and hungry and feeling very sorry for himself! He is still with us and that was 7 years ago now. He had his taste of freedom and it left him rather hungry…

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Any news about your dog? Please keep us posted. Thank you.

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Got home late and impaired one night walking my dog from the pub and forgot to let the dog in my apartment. Next morning at 9AM I realize he’s not around…so I freaked out and drove all over three towns thinking the worst, looking for road pizza, etc….calling him for two hours, no luck. I finally came home very bummed and a friend calls me up and says, “When you comin’ to get your dog. He was barking at the back door of the pub at 7AM so we let him, he ate all the slim-jims and a taylor egg and cheese sandwich and now he’d like to go home!” So you can always check a couple of watering holes first. Did he have a “chip” installed? My new lab does, but he’s not in a hurry to go anywhere. Good luck finding your pooch.

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