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What is your personal definition of nagging?

Asked by Tink (8668points) June 16th, 2009 from iPhone
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If you ask me for something a second time, I probably didn’t want to give it to you the first time and will consider both requests, nagging.

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Someone following me around reminding of things I need to do, telling me how to do it and staying a bit too close going over it – again and again. Oh, through in the emails, and phone calls regarding the same issue…that’s nagging.

I don’t react well to someone nagging me.

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@cak – Understood ;)

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What my mom does 24/7.

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People expecting me to do things on their time table without telling me if there’s a valid reason for doing so. Also, telling me rather than asking me.

Asking for a time constraint is always valid in combatting nagging. Requests to do something should be accompanied by a deadline as to when it should be completed.

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Picking the most inappropriate times to express disatisfaction.

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When you just know the other person has nothing better to do and is running their mouth entirely at your expense with very little objective other than to satisfy their petty and crude ego. Control freaks basically.

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Asking for anything twice.

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Bugging me over and over about the same thing I’ve already explained multiple times. Even after showing my aggravation over it, continuing to bug me about it is nagging.

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Telling someone more then once that they have to do something important they KNOW they had to do earlier. If she would have done it, I wouldn’t have to say it AT ALL!

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